Not sure what really proves. We know we are cash rich, the problem is how we are re-investing it or if at all. Belekon as well - what's going on with him. Have the club actually ever said he has left? Excuse my ignorance.
It's interesting, but these things change fast! Cue Portsmouth ...

And then Reading FC are being taken over by Russian multi-millionaire Anton Zingarevich - due to be completed this month, so here's a run-down on him and the club's relationship:

By the way, I think Reading's season tickets will double next season, not because of him ... but 'cos of his missus! She's called Katsia, an absolutely stunning Belorussian model as you'll see by just one photo in that link. She's highly solicited on Victoria's secret and other promotions now. Get all the breaks with money, eh?!!
The club never keeps the fans informed about anything these days, i for one thought Belekon packed his bags and left last year.