Firstly can I say that I hope ollie doesn't leave Blackpool for a long long time and in my opinion is probably one of Pools best modern day managers. But yet again he comes to Karl Oystons defence, as he has done many times recently in his press conferences, The Gazette, his Sunday Mirror column and on sky.

Mr Holloway is not a silly man and if a half decent job opportunity comes up he can go to the Chairman and say I've done nothing but back you but it's time for me to go. Even Karl couldn't argue with that.

I think Blackpool should be bending over backwards to keep Ollie. If Owen Oyston was worth £11 Million for our year in the Premier I believe Ollie should be getting more than he is on now but I can't see a big contract offer coming from the club in the near future.

Ian Holloway said in tonight's Gazette why carry on? The reason is the fans. We've watched some great football over the last 3 seasons. It's not that long ago it was Halifax at home on a Wednesday night with less than 2,500 fans. I know the oystons have had a big part in our upturn of fortunes but the style and standard of recent football is down to Ollie. Keep the faith Ian because we will.

agreed No9 ,
The mans a buffon
see your about bin dipper , you rattleing a few tonite foxy troll[hr]

oh and happy birthday our glorious leader ollie .ps do me a favor stay off footy forums , you need to except critique . goes down well with the natives . hehehe
Well said Poolsbest. Can you imagine life without Holloway? There is your answer. Oyston won't get lucky again in his next appointment.

I think you have raised a good point there by saying Holloway would jump ship if the chance came along. Not saying now he would but what happens if we don't get promoted? He has taken Blackpool as far as he can and that is the most worrying factor. Would the motivation be there to have another season in the Championship? You couldn't blame him if he wanted a new challenge.

Of all the negativity this week, wouldn't it be nice if Oyston used some of his winnings and tied Ollie down to a lucrative long term contract. Having said that, would Ollie accept?
seasidefox wrote:

The mans a buffon

Maybe but he is still Blackpool's best manager in recent times.

Dear Rammy

You and I both know GTF BO IE will be playing Saturday, I can't wait for IE to be dancing down the left wing like the great Tommy Hutch.

Ian Holloway is amazing,i would cry if he ever left
foxy you on the vino (the cheap variety)yes sad but true comment
DD I keep thinking that myself, but I have lived through great managers leaving, the likes of Bob Stokeo ( RIP ) Allen Brown ( RIP ) Billy Ayre (RIP I Think ) Les Shannon (RIP). Managers come and go the fans remain the only constant. I for one will shed no more tears should ollie decide to go back to chicken farming, with a bit of luck he will take his best mate GTF with him.
Yes and they are all dead

I Have only ever seen two great managers Billy Ayres and Ian Holloway

The rest have just been ships in the night passing through

ere foxy you chasing them chicks chicks tonite . or is it the hen house that draws you in . you seem to know a lot of the dead R.I.P. you leave ollie alone
yes our leader does liked to get side tracked , needs to concentrate more . on the football side