What's going on over there?

Abysmal figures

shows why we are shockingly bad at international level

Premier League greed strikes again
This is the debate for football fans. Sacrifice the integrity of the football league and have Pl clubs with 'B' teams in the lower leagues, or accept that the English national team will continue to draw from a restricted pool of players who are seeing regular football at a good level.
And I can only see that the EPP plan is worsening the problem by allowing the big teams to stockpile young players who will still be there at 23 with no appearances for the club
I haven't got the answer but something needs to change. Those figures are shocking and our under 20's and under 21's performances says it all.

If they have to sacrifice that extra quality in the short term for the good of the English game, they should do. I doubt they give a shit though as long as the advertising and tv rights revenue, etc are coming in to the game.

Time for the FA to grow a pair.
It's because of the high standard of the EPL. If home grown players are good enough they will get selected by their clubs and wanted by other clubs, doesn't matter how many imports there are. At club level players are selected on ability not nationality.
England needs more coaches, starting at grassroots football it just isn't taught to a sufficient standard IMO.
Not too sure about that Azzz, reading the tweets of a football coach today

Peter Butler‏@pjfbutts12h

@LesRosbifs @DarylWillard why you think I moved abroad - giggs - nevilles - southgates - ince - Sherwood - Ferdinand - I could go on and on

Peter Butler‏@pjfbutts12h

@LesRosbifs @DarylWillard I attended FA coaching courses Prople like Stuart Pearce were god, if you did not have a name felt like 2nd class

Peter Butler‏@pjfbutts12h

Worked my arse off for UEFA Pro means nothing - it's about who you know in England

Peter Butler‏@pjfbutts12h

If I smoked 20 fags a day , played 11v11 - for a hour or so - did what I was told - picked the team I was told to pick - I would get jobs
Interesting tweets. Sounds like a bit of a boys club.
I sympathise with Peter Butler, seems like he's been fucked over by the game's politics. For me it's all to do with "Homegrown Status".

A French player can be bought at 16/17 and will play for the u18's and then the reserves. As long as he's been trained at the club for 3 years he is classed as homegrown. Personally I think that's a bit of a piss take and only stifles the English game. The only way I can think about improving things is if every PL club have a list of 4/5 teams across the divisions as feeder clubs. Maybe you would have to abolish the reserves system for this to work but I think United used it well in the 90's with Butt, Beckham et al going out on loan throughout the northwest.