Cardiff v Hull

Derby v Forest

Doncaster v Reading

Leicester v Birmingham

What can we hope for??
MR-DD wrote:

Cardiff 0-0 Hull

Derby 0-1 Forest

Doncaster 2-0 Reading

Leicester 0-0 Birmingham

What can we hope for??

Ideal results for me in your quote..

I think we are already at that stage where we are relying on results going on our way. Didn't realise these were on, couple of big games.

I would agree with you mate,apart from Doncaster winning 10-0 ,haha
Leicester City 10 Birmingham 0
Hi Seasidefox

Are you a seasider or a Fox's fan?

If we are already relying on other teams results with 10 games left we simply don't deserve to go up.
Hull winning 1-0 at Cardiff[hr]

Preston scum winning 1-0 :([hr]

Preston scum now 1-1 :)[hr]

Birmingham 1-0 up now :([hr]

Doncaster beating Reading 1-0 :)[hr]

Birmingham 1-1 with Leicester now :)[hr]

Hull winning 2-0 now
Reading 1-1 :([hr]

Hull 3 Cardiff 0

Oh dear oh dear poor little Cardiff[hr]

Leicester 2 Birmingham 1 :)
MR-DD wrote:

Hi Seasidefox

Are you a seasider or a Fox's fan?

I am hoping he will reply. I am related to him so I know the answer :D

Mansfield 0-1 Fleetwood... wooo
Good results tonight

Im feeling positive even more now
oh my god leicester 3 birmingham 1
3-1 foxy is happy tonight!
Cardiff 0 - 3 Hull

Derby 1 - 0 Nottm Forest

Doncaster 1 - 1 Reading

Leicester 3 - 1 Birmingham


Tranmere 2-1 PNE :D


Mansfield 1-1 Fleetwood :(
nice to see trammere pick up 3 easy points , that will have the natives banging the drums tonite . [hr]

oi foxy you out rattling them bins tonite looking for a treat.
Hull have hit some form of late although that 1-1 the other week didn't help matters, as certain teams start to stutter [us/Cardiff/Boro] others go on a winning run [Reading/Hull/Brighton] so it's still as tight as it ever was.
Its going to a hell of a last 10 games

Can't wait till Saturday now