How about a version of this site available via an APP for smart phones? Just an idea for the future maybe?
There is an app tapatalk which PNE Online use and can be integrated with this. However, they charge £1.99 for a user to download it. I put this forward to the developer and he said if you have a smart phone, it's just as easy using the web browser than the app. He reads this, so he will get the message ;)
Indeed I will

I don't see the need for an app as the site seems to be perfectly usable in the browser of a smart phone as it is (I probably look at it more on my phone than on my computer since it went live).

Just an idea for the Future guys

I see big things for this site
I think the next development will be RSS feeds but Steed doesn't know that yet ;)
RSS is so last year, I think tweets, like BFC official, BBC sport etc...
Does that work in the same way as RSS feeds? So they would just appear on the home page?
Yeah, hopefully I will be able to make it update live as well.
Great Idea