Manchester United will trial a 1,400-seat singing section for the Champions League home game against Spanish side Real Sociedad on 23 October.

Noise levels at Old Trafford have long been derided by the club's own fan groups and opposition supporters.

The club scrapped an earlier attempt at the venture after police refused to allow away fans to be relocated to the Sir Alex Ferguson Stand's third tier.

The signing section will be in the south east corner of the ground.

Sociedad's travelling fans, who would normally be housed there, will instead be in the East Stand.
Three potential issues with singing sections:

1. It gets put in the wrong place. The more vociferous fans usually prefer to be behind the goals. Close proximity to away support is a bonus. Back of the stand avoids issues relating to obstructing views when standing but reduces the volume to the rest of the ground. It also draws singers away from other blocks meaning you never reach that 'critical mass' that gets people going.

2. They work well for a few months then the day trippers start buying tickets there because it is 'the best experience'. Suddenly you are back to just the sound of camera shutters.

3. The stewards continue to be horrible little jumped up pricks exerting their little bit of power before heading home to their miserable frigid wives and kids who hate them.

All 3 of those happened at Anfield when they had the reclaim the kop initiative in block 501.
Shouldn't every seat be part of the singing area?