For me the 007 loved the place the music even the swill BL had to offer in the way of drink ......many a great night in the dungeon .
Grab a granny .
rammyboy1973 wrote:

Grab a granny .

I'd love to. They're all my age now;(
You mean coffin dodgers .
Just read something similar on avit!

Man Fridays

Adam ans eve


Trader jacks




The one that was above Yates on Talbot square!

The palace


Heaven and hell
Yeh picked it up for hear .
rammyboy1973 wrote:

Yeh picked it up for hear .

Did you pick it up from over their for over hear?Your a card Rammy.

Posted in Lingo you'll understand kid;)
Lancashirehotpot wrote:


Did a mean breakfast
Dunno, always had to be in by 11pm. ;)
Mardi then the Adam.
GynnSquarePhoenix wrote:

Mardi then the Adam.

Mardi gras landlords Albert shelmerdine then barry eastwood me tinks adam another great nightclub . JOHN
Adam and Eve have a radio show online that I sometimes listen to on a Thursday.
Missed out on some good ones by moving :( but down here there was Oscars, in Longleat, Romeo and Juliet's and another one, name escapes me, in Bristol. R&J's was great, Oscars good value (as in no checks for own alcohol, just bought lemonade all night and added own Bacardi!)
When I used to go to Scamps on the prom in summer I used to drink the grockles drinks when they were dancing...then have the cheek to complain if they were drinking something I didn't like.
You scamp you! ;)

I went with Dawn to some club in 79, all I can remember about it was it was in town somewhere (?!) there were pillars, a pretty big dance floor and 'oops upside your head' and 'feels like i'm in love' were in the charts!
As a teenager in Liverpool it was mostly Yates' types or matthew street but used to go the Krazy house a fair bit.

As a student in blackpool it was the tache, syndicate, Sanuk depending on the mood. Sometimes poulton for the Monaco (pre fire) and the residence.

Weekday nights was rafters in Fleetwood after the pubs shut. What a dive that is! Like an upstairs flat but converted with a small dance floor and a bar.
Barney Rubbles

Downtown bar




Heaven and Hell


Main Street
Also used to go in the star a lot! It was always open until 1 on a Friday and Saturday!

That was when Barry Eastwood was the manager!
Lemon Tree and Trader Jacks top clubs.
The Star. Bands like Shady and No hard feelings. Or Bedlams at the Sandcastle.
When based in East Anglia, a number of us would get to London at least once a month and following a match would go to the 2I's club in Soho.

In Liverpool it was the SHE club and the Grafton with the odd visit to the 007 in Blackpool.

Love Shack

Wigan Pier

Life @ Bowlers

Angels at Burnley

Warehouse at Doncaster

...Before the above and occasionally today - The Tache
FY4MIKEH wrote:

Lemon Tree and Trader Jacks top clubs.

seasidefox wrote:


Louisiana Bell foxy. Remember Rick Hindle ?
Got thrown in Blinkers a few times :) 
George Street wrote:Got thrown in Blinkers a few times :) 
How did you even find this thread??
"Illawalla Country Club" Thursday night I think? Ken Speed on the door:) Good times, first time I ever tried poppers:) How long does it last for ? Dont worry mate only 2hs !!!!! Thank Christ it was 2 mins. max. What was the pub near by?