.....or (for me) in this case love!

There was a documentary film made recently by Seán Ó Cualáin that explores the story of the above 1932 photo of eleven construction workers taking a lunch break while sitting on a girder suspended 850  feet above New York City.


Another one taken the same day ...perhaps
Layton Girl wrote:.....or (for me) in this case love!

I have a canvas of this, one of my all time favourite pics.
In keeping with the original post ..The Tower.

That's quite beautiful GSP, not seen that before.
GynnSquarePhoenix wrote:

In keeping with the original post ..The Tower.

That picture is a couple of men who climbed the tower illegally one Friday night.
Thats the one i was looking for
tangerine77 wrote:

I have a canvas of this, one of my all time favourite pics.



Spectacular shot of lenticular clouds over the Sandwich islands.

Also known as altocumulus standing lenticularis, these are stationary, lens-shaped clouds that form at high altitudes. They are included in the middle layer cloud family because the bases of the clouds are stationed between about 2,000 and 7,000 meters. These clouds form when moist air is forced to flow up around mountains and large hills. The water is super cooled and condensed from air below the dew point temperature.

Pilots avidly try to avoid these clouds which cause extreme turbulence. The turbulence is caused by a rotor circulation. This circulation forms within the lee of the barriers (mountains or hills) or within a valley. The rotor is a type of lee eddy. The surface wind of the cloud is an opposite direction to the gradient wind. However, because of the large vertical air movements, sailplane and glider pilots favor these clouds which can give great vertical lift and climb to extreme altitudes for gliding.
Derwentwater. I just love this lake, very special to me.
seasider wrote:

This is a picture of my first ever sighting of a snake in Malaysia. Think it was a Viper. Can you spot it?

It is a viper Seasider. Wagler's pit viper, grows to 1m approx, it's the one that is kept on display in the famous snake temple on the island of Penang and is dangerously venomous.
Lancashirehotpot wrote:Derwentwater. I just love this lake, very special to me.
Amazing place. Been there plenty of times before I left the UK and its one of the few places I really miss. The lake district is a very special place as far as I`m concerned.

Niagra Falls

Why don't you post anything of interest. Tell us about the international space station again....yawn.

If you've nothing better to say you might aswell stay behind your keyboard bashing your bishop in your soiled string vest.
To the tune of pack up your troubles...

"Bashing yer Bishop in yer soiled string vest..."

tangerinejezza wrote:

Seen her on telly not long ago, good old sort.

Kids making towers using piles of bank notes in Weimar Germany

Nazi funeral in London.
A couple of pictures I took at Alderly Edge last year
I look at those pics, Layton girl, and I think ' you know what, we live in a beautiful country'.
Lancashirehotpot wrote:

I look at those pics, Layton girl, and I think ' you know what, we live in a beautiful country'.
We certainly do, L'hotpot. :thumbsup: ..:)
don't exactly 'like' it ... but ... North Korea - Nuclear Control Room
Sierra Cazorla (Cazorla Mountain Range), South Spain ...
Aurora Boreal, Canada
Piran, Slovenia
Faroe Islands
http://i1190.photobucket.com/albums/z451/daib0/The%20Random%20Room/F8_zps3cf35540.jpg http://i1190.photobucket.com/albums/z451/daib0/The%20Random%20Room/F7_zps0a78a198.jpg