Unbelieveably the troubled footballer Keigan Parker left the password to his Facebook thingy written on a piece of paper and his wronged girlfriend took a spectacular revenge by posting the following:


With absolutely no imagination at all and having took complete advantage of someones kind nature for the last 6mth, i stupidly left my facebook password wrote down on a piece of paper lol....

For all of you young ladies that Mr Parker has been wording for the last 6mths im afraid to say i have been taken the out of royally, staying at my house, sharing my bed, eating my food, lending my money, using my car etc.... Yeah Yeah i know im the stupid one, agreed !!!after him cheating on me last Jan a second chance should not have been on the cards but believe it or not (and for those of you hes been messaging, sorry yes i have read them ALL) he totally made me believe he wouldnt do it again !!

Anyway i had a really good giggle at chats lol its nearly as bad as his football lol..... and just for the record:

*He doesnt teach kids football - sorry yes he did a couple of times but even they didnt keep him

*Hes completely broke and i debt upto the eyeballs, had i have not intervened his flat was getting reposessed on the 10th thats on top on the loans, overdraft and child maintenance hes not paid in 10 years since his lad was born

*He is a cheating two timing bastard, so do believe what your told about him - and believe me how he speak about the ladies to his "mates" is pretty vile

*and oh yeah he doesnt have any mates coz even they dislike him, and boys hes been wording your girlfriends too !!! trust me some loyal ones out there and some not so !!

So for you lucky ones who managed to get some cash out of him Oct Nov well done that £2k cheque was spunked up the wall or sorry up his nose in bubble in about 2 weeks the 2 weeks i was told he was "sorting his football" in manchester - again his messages confrim this

OK OK I know im not expecting any sympathy i shouldnt have let it happen again !!! but you know what im not upset im just ing angry that the lying little toad is wording you all (your all attached and i didnt want to embarrace you as you werent to know, well since nov) the same ing !! i couldnt be arsed with the other 500 folks as i figure you'll all either add your friends to the group for a laugh and so forth......

Anyway the moral of the story is i feel much better for sharing this with you all and i truely hope Mr Parkers life treats him as well as hes treated me the last 12mths, for all those who know me - this is tame lol

For those of you that dont lean from my mistake, apart from a couple you all seem fairly lovely

Please ensure this get is circulated !! save your sisters, your daughters, friends and family because even when he talked me into aborting our baby he ed off out shagging all weekend - again my fault lesson learnt

Have an excellent new year folks

# Keigan your passport, clothes etc.. are in the post to your dads and i truely hope your half as angry when you know about this as i was reading your messages "
Thats a few years old?
Dalek wrote:

Thats a few years old?

Indeed ;)
I thought I had read it a while back.
You did my friend ,you did :)
Good on the lad, getting it in where he can. He's like a Jock version of The King by the sounds of it. With the ladies may I add. Not the financial and bubble shit he has got.

I've got too much money and my narcotics are destructible.
Thats terrible! I was referring to the grammar used.
This is about 2 years old

Edit to add - just realised someone else has noted this
Just looked into what he's been up to since leaving.

Not done well has he.