What are we looking at?

A real creative midfielder.

Barry Bannon

Jonjo Shelvey

Etc etc
JonJo would be a great addition in my mind

I think we also need cover for Gilksy - just in case :(

Wouldn't want to end the season playing Superbrett in the nets!!!
I'm beginning to think we won't get anyone :(

That means i will wake up tomorrow to the news of JJS signing :)
Had our chance in January when Karl should have given Holloway funds to bring in 2-3 quality players, loans do bugger all for me.
Loans were vital in getting us up last time around. They'll do for me! If Shelvey rediscovers his form in his later games I would have him back. Ive always though Dobbie was exactly what we needed though. We have plenty of posession around the box but the ball sticks to his feet like glue and he can bring the ball into more threatening areas.
Please please please sign JJS
How horrible would it feel if Liverpool decide to let him go out on loan, but to Middlesbrough!
A loan signing could potentially give everyone a lift especially if it's Jonjo Shelvey. We were told by some posters he would be signing this week but I will believe it when I see it especially with him being on the bench against Everton.

If we don't get him, I am not sure if there is anyone else out there. What are peoples' opinion of Fleck? He hasn't quite made the impact I was hoping for.
same, can play a simple pass nicely but we are usually bringing him on when we need a goal and he isnt clinical enough with his dribbling or passing at the moment.
unless jjs or another comes in , i think that boat has sailed never a starter really.we are talking about a man who has no interest in football one iota , they are pariahs of our club and will always be , sorely you must be use to it by now .true and sad?
JJS would be my first choice; he gave the team something much different. He could be come the Seamus Coleman of the promotion season, class player that has a big effect on the team.
I've said on another thread that if JJS was coming, he'd be here already and I stand by that. If we do get a loan in, it has to be to come into our midfield three and hit the ground running. I don't think we will get that kind of quality on an emergency loan until the end of the season.

To be quite frank, I thinnk we are relying on Fleck to come good to go up. Lets play him in the midfield three and give him a run there.