Ludovic Sylvestre says the Blackpool squad are desperate to get back to winning ways when they take on Brighton this weekend.

The Seasiders fell to their second consecutive defeat away to Peterborough United, following a loss to Derby County four days earlier.

But the Frenchman is keen to get back to basics and concentrate all his efforts on ending a poor run of form in two days' time.

"It's always very difficult when you lose a game of football and you finish the week off without a win, said Sylvestre.,,10432~2660217,00.html

One of my favourite current players. I took my girlfriend (who supports City) to Everton v Blackpool and she said only the black guy in midfield looked like a Premier League player. She wasn't meaning Ince!
Hype job I reckon, plenty of people want him in the squad when he aint playing which is what usually happens but he was pretty poor in his last spell I thought. Not showed anything like the quality he had last year.
our best midfielder, better than barry.
He just offers a different option and more importantly the quality. He is a starter for me every day of the week unless Shelvey signs and then it might be different. Obviously having quality doesn't guarantee you on the team sheet but from what I have seen, I think he's done alright this season.
leeoggy wrote:

our best midfielder, better than barry.

Agree with the second bit![hr]

He needs an extended run in the team for sure, better than Barry or Angel
best midfielder with the ball,its without the ball , that is what worries me ,and we have alot similar in midfield , no one with that cutting edge . jjs would fit the bill
We have Ferguson and Southern now who will do the work without the ball. I really don't know our best midfield trio. Perhaps the uncertainty is why we need Shelvey.
We definitely need Southern in IMO. These last few weeks have shown he should be one of the first on the team sheet. That second half against Hull jaw dropping.
I think Ludo is class, him and southern need to start next game.

BF would naturally be picked, if was to be dropped, who would you bring in?
BF is probably the first name on the team sheet so don't think he would be. I think Southern, BF and Ludo will start on Sat. I don't like GTF playing in the middle really, prefer him on the right but then you have Phillips. Shelvey, if came in, needs to give Ince some competition because I am not sure Ormerod is the answer.

No one knows our best team but this could be considered a good thing.