Please type that in youtube and please watch and post a link please help the Afro agro!
It works when you use Karl rather than Kart. I'm not posting it on here, it's one of those Hitler vids where you put in the subtitles and posted under Raggy's real name. I don't know Raggy and so far disagree with this antagonistic approach to the serious lawsuit. I don't think your helping yourselves with this constant banging on about daddy rapist and the mock auction rip off, which may be fuel for your fire, but doesn't seem relevant.

Good luck. I truly hope you win or get it to go away.
I've seen a lot of those Hitler vids but this is probably the funniest. Well played some great lines
Ha ha, best one yet.

I wonder if any of the Oystons have seen it yet.
Hahaha best one yet by far. They say they have a sense of humour well laugh at that you robbing twats.
Ouch , hilarious !!
Absolute classic....much needed to ease the gloom that the Oyscums have created...
"I wish I could grow my hair like him" Classic!
"I'm stuck with this fuckin bowl cut bastard of a hair do" hahaha
How can fans comment that being a rapist or mentioning his conviction is not helping. Get a grip for crying out loud the Oystons are claiming compensation for damage to their reputation. Daddy Rapist is even denying he is a rapist according to Graham Woodward one of the stars of the clip. All of this is fair comment, as the Oystons entered into battle in a war against the fan base a manufactured confrontation they simply cannot win
Ha Ha, I have seen a few of these videos but this is by far the best.........a fucking Corsa !!!

Keep up the good work.
"Don't worry, he wont rape you now, he's too old to get it up" haha :clap::clap: