Wrexham lost!
I always keep an eye open for the BSP (spose it's 'cos I started to see Reading when we were old 4th div ourselves...) and just wondered - how are your relations with Fleetwood then? Mention it because normally local derbies are abrasive - Liverpool, Manchester, Bristol, Sheffield. Yet it seems you have a genuine liking for each other. Is that because you're so many leagues apart that it's not really competitively based as such? Or do people actively support both clubs at the same time?

In any case, for Blackpool to be such a strong player in championship this season, plus Fleetwood 'floating' in (old) conference tier, it must be a pretty happy time by the coast nowadays! ;)
It is happy for most supporters as they we do look out for each others results and some support both teams. However, the more hardcore Blackpool and Fleetwood fans don't like each other. If Fleetwood keep progessing, I could see the hatred growing but at the moment, it's quite pleasant.

On a personal level, I always look out for two results other than Blackpool. First one is to make sure Preston have lost and the second one is hoping that Fleetwood have won. I think it would be fantastic to have two football league clubs on the Fylde. The only negative is that Pool's attendances might suffer slightly.