hello everybody. I am doing some research on Mixie Walsh. This is not intended as praise or criticism but just to describe his career in the history of Blackpool and especially the context in which he thrived. I would be massively grateful to anybody who can furnish stories that cast light on his character and influence.

For a starter a story I heard was that when Holy Family School was robbed he sent his most formidable colleague who apprehended the thief and told him not to do it again. And he didn't. Nor did anybody else. No violence.

Any more stories about this intriguing and self-effacing character.


Why not ask members of his family?
Yes, I hope to.


Good. That's a far more respectful way of going about things. Much better than relying on forum gossip
He ran the Krays out of town
I heard he once drank 6 (six) cups of coffee in a DAY.
Hello and thanks.

I am interested in facts not stories.

This is what I've learned so far.

(From widow of a close friend of Mixie)

He worked in Blackpool first in building trade.

He was extraordinarily fit.

He worked with his friend as a bouncer in clubs.

They were charged with assault but acquitted.

She always called him "Michael."

Her husband who was a big fit guy said that he had never seen anybody move so quickly.

He adored his mother.

He was old fashioned about swearing in front of women...

He used to sing at gatherings. He was dreadful but who would say....?

She said he would just seem like an ordinary person.... until....

She said that he did the one thing he was really good at...

He was popular on account of his good humour.

Has anybody anything to add?

I think that this is part of Blackpool History that is negelected and deserves to be recalled.

Thanks for ally your help

Loose lips sink ships

Hello some time ago I said I was going to do a blog about Mixie Walsh and his times. Here it is. Please feel free to criticise add etc. Many thanks.


Great read that. Thanks for sharing.
You didn't get much of a response or respect on here, yet you credit this forum at the end for helping with research. I guess some people sent info through a pm.
seasider wrote:Great read that. Thanks for sharing.

It's a load of bollocks
Are we sure that picture is him? I'm sure there's a guy on Tw@tter with that as his profile picture.

I told you...

Going back to this article:


there's a picture of "Mixie" - the very same picture as on this Tw@tter account...


So, what's going on?

Definitely him that photo
Sorted - the picture on Twitter is a tribute to Mixie Walsh from the account holder who knew him.
Martino are you still about? I am doing some reseatch myself that involves Blackpool crime and was hoping to speak to you. Cheers.
Paul Sykes wrote:Martino are you still about? I am doing some reseatch myself that involves Blackpool crime and was hoping to speak to you. Cheers.

His email address is within the comments section after the article.