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Infraction Table

By seasider in

User Support

6 years ago
RE: Infraction Table
By seasider 6 years ago
We have put together an infraction table; not become we want to come across as Hitlers or anything, more for clarity reasons. With a structured system in place, members know where they stand and the moderators know exactly how to handle members who break the forum guidelines.

The infraction table is as follows:

1 Point - Informal warning

2 Points - Formal warning

3 Points - 1 Day Post Ban

4 Points - 3 Day Post Ban

5 Points - 7 Day Post Ban

6 Points - 14 Day Post Ban

7 Points - 3 Day Full Ban

8 Points - 7 Day Full Ban

9 Points - 30 Day Full Ban

10 Points - 1 Year Full Ban

An infraction point is applied to a users account when forum rules are broken. The moderators will always discuss the matter as a team before applying any infraction and will only do so if the majority deem it appropriate.

Infraction points are issued by the appointed Moderators

The system works as follows with each point expiring after 3 months. If the number of un-expired points build up, automated bans will apply after the accumulation of 3 points. (See Infraction Table)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a member of the moderation team. If you feel you have been issued a warning incorrectly, please contact a member of the admin team and we will review the decision.

The Admin and Moderation team reserve the right to customise a warning away from the normal system should a specific situation arise. For example, if you ignore any the big rules found in the Forum Guidelines, you are likely to receive a temporary or a full ban.
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