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Jake Livermore

By seasider in

General Football

9 months ago
RE: Jake Livermore
By seasider 9 months ago
BREAKING: West Ham investigating allegation a supporter shouted abuse at West Brom’s Jake Livermore relating to his baby son who died in 2014. #SSN

I just don't understand how people can behave in such a way. It's like just because they are in a football stadium, all decency goes out of the window.

Hopefully it just represents West Ham supporters and not football fans in general.
RE: Jake Livermore
By Magic147 9 months ago
They're cunts.

No surprise there.

I'm sure they're rolling out the, "Every club has them..." excuses as we speak, but in contract to most clubs who have the odd knobhead, West Ham have the odd decent fan, with the rest being knobheads.

I'd ban them if it was up to me, from football, life and everything else.
RE: Jake Livermore
By Hero-of-the-night 9 months ago
Every parents worst nightmare. The average smack head on the corner would show more compassion than the sub human ape man at West Ham.

You’ve got to be a “special” kind of “special” to sink to those depths.
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