If anyone else here use Adblocker and is fed up of the Gazette trying to circumvent it and riddle your computer with malware with that stupid popup that demands you register, here are some instructions:

1. visit the Gazette

2. Click on the ABP button in your browser, then "options".

3. Click "Advanced"

4. Under "My filter list" click "edit filters"

5. Paste the following in to the text box:



6. Click save.

7. Re-load the gazette website and be gloriously free of adverts, shitty videos and malware.
Presume you can't do this on a mobile?
seasider wrote:

Presume you can't do this on a mobile?

I hope you can, but doubt it.
what is the ABP button?
louise_a wrote:

what is the ABP button?

If you have adblocker installed on your browser, there should be a little red ABP button somewhere on your toolbar.
Cheers Steed. Helps make that rag a little more bearable.
I’ve more chance of platting fog than doing all NASA shit!!!

I can only do step 1.