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Happy Birthday.....

By whitstabletangerine in

General Chat

4 months ago
RE: Happy Birthday.....
By whitstabletangerine 4 months ago
.......NHS, seventy today, thanks Mr Bevan you created a world -beater.

There are ten million more living in the UK than in 48, a much larger and older population now kept alive with transplants and medication that few could have envisaged after WW2.

Funding will always be a problem as research and new methods of surgery are developed, so whatever party you support make them know how important it is to keep the NHS alive and well, well funded, well staffed and above all free to all.

Once again, thanks Mr Bevan.
RE: Happy Birthday.....
By thetruth1953 4 months ago
Well said Whits, it truly is a wonderful institution.

(And will be as long as the Tories don,t sell it off to their Eton chums)
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