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Our Away Support

By whitstabletangerine in

Blackpool FC

4 months ago
RE: Our Away Support
By whitstabletangerine 4 months ago
A controversial subject, one which I happened to change my view since 2015 when I walked out to the car to drive to an away venue only to ask myself why was I going to support a team owned and paid for by the Oyston regime and promptly whent back to the house.

This year I have lived like most other fans with the hope that the end is not far off as O was found by the courts to be in the wrong, it is now in VB's hands.

I am convinced the O's are in the last throws of their tenure and any new owner would at least want to know that the team has the capability of performing and so successful results on the field could prove to be vital.

We want to see investment and a new owner and for the team to be successful and we can be part of that now by supporting the team when we play away with no revenue stream going to the present owner.

Just for the record our last three first away games of the season in league one are as follows,

August 2015 first game of the season at Colchester 280 miles away supporters 690 (a new ground for many)

August 2017 first game of the season at Bradford 70 miles away supporters 878

August 2018 first game of the season at Wycombe 220 miles away supporters 459
RE: Our Away Support
By seasider 4 months ago
I think our away support has suffered massively for two reasons. People who have adopted the NAGM stance due to the Oyston's and divisional status which is natural for any football club.

Apart from Fleetwood, I can only really remember Bury two years ago where there was a decent turnout of over 1k plus. Even in the lower leagues prior to our promotions, we would take good numbers.

I just don't think people can be bothered spending all that money and time following a team/club in crisis.

I remember a few years picking out away fixtures and planning weekends around them. I don't even know when we are playing the likes of Rochdale, Acrrington, etc this year. I can see this being the first season in years where I don't attend at least one away game. Hopefully things change at the top very soon and this isn't the case.
RE: Our Away Support
By Bally 4 months ago
Just stay away.

It's Owens club. I wouldn't use his Estate Agency or any other business he has anything to do with. Can't understand why anyone would have anything to do with his football club. You know the one whose supporters he's conned large amounts of money out of by bullying, using his legal team of cunts to scare people, from Solicitors to Pensioners into giving him money.
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