Despite all the adversity, you've got to smile when Megson, Clark, Appleton and Ince are quoted at 25/1.

What price Sam?

How about a new challenge for Pep, as the Prem is such a breeze?

The Russian guy got his no-hopers to the semis, or there's a resurgence in Irish hockey!!!!

Perhaps Kornilenko, Marcus Bean or Beattie might be in contention.
Not even checked the odds recently. I am sure Oyston will want it sorting quickly but we know the calibre of manager who will be applying.
Paul Scholes at 25/1 worth a quid
Can't believe Holloway is still favourite. Bookies haven't got a clue. Funny to see Megson on the list.

Ian Holloway 8

Simon Grayson 10

Darren Ferguson 12

Dave Jones


OwenCoyle 12



Billy Davies


BrianMcDermott 25

DaveHockaday 25



Gary Megson




MichaelAppleton 25



PhilBrown 25
seasider wrote:
Can't believe Holloway is still favourite. Bookies haven't got a clue. Funny to see Megson on the list

It's not a case of bookies having a clue. They give odds to tempt fans without a clue .
Bally wrote:
It's not a case of bookies having a clue. They give odds to tempt fans without a clue .

Richie Wellens is 10/11 on sky bet.
What odds on none of the above?
Just had a tenner on David Icke
sudds green wrote:

Just had a tenner on David Icke

Well he's probably got more chance than some of those on that bookies list.
Latest odds from Sky Bet

Richie Wellens - 10/11

Gary Taylor-Fletcher - 3/1

Simon Grayson - 5/1

Terry McPhillips - 5/1

Owen Coyle - 9/1
Next manager betting must be a real money maker for the bookies.
And the managers
Please don’t do it GTF...
Anyone who takes the job given the ongoing circumstances which they must be aware of must be really desperate for a job - any job. Who ever takes it will not do their CV any good.
I imagine this guy has applied:ashamed:

Richie Wellens still the clear favourite with Sky Bet. Coyle second.

‍Tonight's result might make Terry say something other than, "I am Gary's number 2'

No real movement with the odds.

Richie Wellens
Owen Coyle
Gary Taylor-Fletcher
Jack Lester
Terry McPhillips
Simon Grayson
Andy Morrison
Ian Holloway
Dave Robertson
John Murphy


Terry McPhillips

Got to be worth a bet at those odds

‍I bet we stop hearing him mention that he is Bowyer's number two.

Think I'd prefer him over Wellens. Not sure he would be a good fit and we can't forget that he was sacked by Oldham although they were in the mire before he was appointed. 

‍or the fact that Wellens is a total fucking wanker!

I hate the Manc twat.

‍I think some of the abuse he received from Blackpool fans was a little over the top.

Did he leave us for Oldham thinking he was advancing his career?

‍i remember fans saying he had shagged a school bird on a night out and he and his family wanted to move away.

‍Being from Manchester that kind of makes sense. It wasn't exactly a step up although I remember Oldham were above us at the time.

‍Makes no odds until the scum are gone

The safest bet is to give it Terry...if he wants the job that is. A new manager coming in now could really fuck things up.

‍Sounds like Terry is warming to the job. No mention of being a number two.

He said: “My thoughts are just to Accrington. I think I will be in charge for that game. “I had a meeting with the club on Monday and I am really looking forward to that game. We will see what happens after that.” The 49-year-old previously assisted Bowyer at Blackburn Rovers and is experiencing management for the first time. Over the past fortnight he has been asked repeatedly whether he would be interested in taking the role on a permanent basis, and he swerved a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response when asked again this week. McPhillips said: “You don’t know things until you have tried them and I have never tried this before. “It is sort of all new to me but there is an extra-special buzz about taking the team. “You have ultimately been picking the team, and deciding who comes off and who goes on. I really enjoyed that, I can tell you that for sure. “Accrington will come here, we will play that game and see what happens after that. Who knows what will happen in the week?”

Read more at:

I wouldn't be too disappointed - £160 coming my way when our Tezzer is appointed permanent manager. 

‍Latest odds. Coyle is still favourite. I don't understand why Wellens is not on there.

‍as much as I appreciate Coyle for his fellow love of Irn Bru, please don't let it be him who gets the job.