‍City with a last minute winner. Fully deserved as they should have had a pen. 

United v Valencia should be a good game. 

‍United have confirmed that United’s bus is stuck in traffic again and that Jose Mourinho has walked about half a mile to get to Old Trafford.

‍Imagine United without De Gea these days.

Great games tonight. Still not sure which one to watch.

Barcelona v Spurs

Liverpool v Napoli

Both English clubs are in trouble so you would take just one of them getting through. Messi and Suarez rested for Barcelona.

Great night for English clubs. Both go through.

Check out this kung fu kick

    Schalke v Man City

    Atletico Madrid v Juventus

    Man Utd v PSG

    Tottenham v Borussia Dortmund

    Lyon v Barcelona

    Roma v Porto

    Ajax v Real Madrid

    Liverpool v Bayern Munich

UEFA Executive committee are expected to abolish the away goals rule in the Champions League when they meet tomorrow.

About time
It does give an advantage to the team that is away first though. In the home leg, if the scores are level, the home side will advantage of being at home in extra time.
Oh dear United, 1-0 down to an average PSG side...conceding from a corner too. 

PSG deserve it. It's like back to Jose days. 

Why are they giving Di Maria so much shit? Embarrassing. 

seasider wrote:

Why are they giving Di Maria so much shit? Embarrassing. 

Di Maria is a horrible little shit might be why. Never been fond of him. 
Now that second goal for PSG was much better. United in all sorts of trouble now. Ole's bubble burst?

Reality check. 

The United fans were throwing bottles at Di Maria. He must have done something. BBC just said celebrated a goal but surely he is allowed to do that. 

Utd are back

to their piss poor form

North Shore Dude wrote:

Utd are back

to their piss poor form

Chelsea and Liverpool their next two games, could break Ole's chances at the job depending on those results! 
PSG make very few mistakes, every player seems to be in the right place all the time. 
Mbappe is disgustingly quick 
Pogba sent off. All going wrong. 
No flair from United. That was harsh on Pogba but they were never in it.

I thought it was harsh on Pogba. Must have been a second yellow. PSG were on another level. Big wake up call that might do United good in the long run. They are miles behind.

Spurs spanked Dortmund in that second half, without Kane and Alli too. Impressive.
Yes they were good. Dortmund are top of the German league as well 5 points ahead of Bayern.
Liverpool could do with a goal
Rather they got a few injuries
seasider wrote:Liverpool could do with a goal
It's this kind of insight that keeps me coming back.
I'm afraid I couldn't expand on that. Shittest game I have ever seen. 
What a joke a VAR was then in the City Schalke match. 3 minutes to make a decision. 
What an end to the match.