Steve Davies has returned to the club on trial.
31 so hardly past it but injury prone wasnt he?
I imagine all the best players will be heading out on trial at this point in the season.

‍Where has he been the past few seasons? He got some stick from the Blackpool fans last time he was here but that was at Championship level.

Reasons why he left last time:‍

With off-the-pitch issues overshadowing his parent club’s campaign, Davies told The Star: “It was a tough decision because I’m fond of lots of people there. But it was a decision I had to take for the sake of my own career.

“I went to see (manager) Lee (Clark) on Tuesday and spoke the truth. That I thought it would be best for everyone if I moved on.

“It was getting to the stage where it was too much. Every day something different was happening and it had started to grind me down.

Davies added: “At Blackpool it’s tough, mentally tough. It’s such a shame because the fans are great and the staff are great but there’s too much going on and it caught me up.

“It’s been a grind. I’ve struggled with injury and misdiagnosed injury so, in the end, I had to be honest.”

So just here for a payday then.

‍Released by Rochdale wow.

‍Doubt he'll play more than 5 games this season, if offered a contract.

Not sure he'll affect the team strength. Just an extra body if anything. Saying that though, if he takes a wage, it's more for Oyston to pay out.

‍Apparently playing tonight.

‍Confirmed until January