‍This is a real photo of the notice board in the meeting room of a Blackpool police station.

Absolutely no identity. Influenced by criminal behaviour/grime music (hard to distinguish the difference sometimes), they feel they must use street slang to feel empowered. Sad really.

‍How does this help detect/prevent crime exactly?

I don't know why but it really gets me angry hearing these type of words. There are two that stand out for me...

'Bro' - Even if the person is not talking to their brother, it's used after every sentence.

'Sick' - I saw a bit of Love Island and a qualified doctor was using the word 'sick' all the time to describe something great. It doesn't even make sense.


This is the most gammon thing I’ve ever seen
Are you beef ting fam with the feds/popo?
Magic147 wrote:Are you beef ting fam with the feds/popo?

‍Nah innit, feds/popo is beef ting fam with blud, bruv

‍Has blackpool_fan not turned up yet 

I despise the use of the word "safe" or "standard" at the end of conversations. You don't get much more chavvy than that.
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‍the apprentice at work speaks like that, it gets me all aggy and makes me want to punch him into tomorrow.

The little shit.

i've had a yoof say to me "you looking to get wetted, blud?"
fortunately my mate was with me who is essentially a human tank who dealt with the ruffian
I approve of the username.