‍Here is another one...

A cartoon picture is causing quite a stir on Twitter with some branding it as racist. Plenty of other comments suggesting it's not to add a bit of balance.


Make your own mind up.

‍ how is it racist? Do you have to be white to throw temper tantrums? 

Hilarious is what it is.
It's a cartoon that is making light of an incident rather than depicting someone's character or race. You never hear Wayne Rooney complaining about the numerous Shrek cartoons.

‍It even depicts Osaka as a blond. Yet she comes across as intelligent in interviews

‍Is it fuck 

blackpool ger wrote:

‍Is it fuck 

Would you? Hero would I imagine cos he is a lad lad lad. 

‍What do they say is racist about it?

‍makes you wonder what these people would have said if they just left her white?

I do think the way they are playing this racist card is going to Isolate them to some degree... a little bit like the gay pride events being rammed down your throut ever five minutes! 

I’m all for letting people live and be happy but I’m not marching around the streets shouting white and straight, am I?

It’s early, I think I’ll regret this post later!

‍Not going to pretend I understand tennis rules in depth but to me Serena behaved badly. Not sure why people are so quick to defend her. I am sure the publicity is simply down to her being a Champion rather than because she is black!