I haven't‍ been able to find anything on their forums relating to the match apart from this one post so sharing this instead:

And so a group of seemingly random strangers, partnered with experienced professionals, all of whom have proved their worth in the past, are thrown together and asked to create a semblance of organisation, skill and grace, to please a baying crowd, and they do so, knowing that unless they perform of a Saturday they may not make the stage for Blackpool.

But enough of the return of Strictly Come Prancing, what we want to know is when the Poolies arrive at the true Mecca of Football, will a goalless scrap at the Gas be enough to persuade Derek to keep an unchanged central defence.

Obviously we know the chance of the right back being retained is dependent on whether Joe Riley recovers from his half time departure, but we must also ask ourselves if the curse of the goalkeeper that afflicted Argyle last term has moved up a number and has become the new bête noire of positions chez Home Park. Certainly the performance of Scott Wootton for the second half means that having now tried three players in that position, amongst the fans, brought up on Nisbet, Patterson, Poole Taylor, Hore, Randell and even Hodges, there remains debate and some concern as to how the Bermuda triangle of defensive positions is shaping up. True we still have Sawyer and Songo’o who have filled that berth with varying degrees of distinction to try. Some even recall a famous day when tricky and experienced Luton Town (and ex Manchester United) winger Johnny Aston was the first opponent for youth team graduate Kevin Smart, who emerged from a goalless draw with some distinction.

Of course, if we did go down that road again then we would at least be comforted by the familiarity of seeing a Hodges back on the team sheet. More likely Riley or Moore though. Mellor, Miller…..will the scapegoating never end?

Blackpool arrive on the fringe of the play off positions having only lost one game so far in the league and belying the chaos that has been bestowed upon them by that paragon of virtue and underpinner of the Fit and Proper Owners Test, Owen Oysten. Currently in limbo between being forced to sell up or pay off fellow shareholder Valeri Belokon a mere 25 million for compensation for stripping the club of assets (money), with the possibility of an auction to resolve the ownership issue, Blackpool, having hit the heights and plumbed the depths in the time we have taken to recover from our sortie into financial mismanagement and chaos. They have then snuck back up through the play offs, instead of the six toes, and despite losing the vast majority of their squad in the summer have made a decent start.

Indeed the thought of Oysten reminded me of my planned attempt to match each League 1 Club to their World Cup equivalent. Blackpool were twinned with Russia. Workmanlike, not expected to do much but capable of springing a surprise. Run by a dictator with no regard for what his people truly want and who are oppressed by police and legal strictures if they attempt to show antipathy to the leadership. And Russia is no better under Putin. Perhaps no surprise that manager Ian Bowyer walked away in the first week of the season. Indeed convicted rapist Owen Oysten takes nepotism to a whole new level, and since purchasing the club for £1 has appointed in turn his wife son and daughter to CEO positions. His latest offer to sell the club and remove the ownership impasse would require him receiving £5 million (from the man who owes him £25 million, so net £30 million), and appears to leave him still the clubs landlord! Suddenly Putin doesn't seem such a bad guy after all. You have to figure those two sports nutritionists from Russia who day tripped Salisbury so effectively would be right at home in the Blackpool backroom team.

Still, we have the EFL Fit and Proper person test to protect clubs ( and therefore their fans). Indeed Bolton and Birmingham having already flirted with administration this season, and Blackpool subject to convoluted financial maneuvering following a high court ruling, you can hardly claim the EFL are appearing to be in favour of “B” teams at present no matter what they do in the Checka Thingummy.

Hopefully the sight of a tangerine phalanx will remind young Graham of the “goal of the season” he scored up at their place last season, which stands as unofficial third best volley scored by an Argyle player, behind John Delve v Walsall ( 1974/5) in second and winner Steve Davey at Birmingham in the League Cup win in 1973/4, which due to the 3 day week and a shot so speedy it defeated the cameramans ability to keep up means barely a few hundred Argyle fans ever saw it…..Gary Sprake certainly didn’t!

Last seasons Donkey Botherers visit ran the full gamut of disasters available. Deflected opener, stupid red card, two breakaway goals and a Tuesday night floodlit disappointment. Now the question has to be can we go on an undefeated run of two and can we get a first win….



‍Golf is TLTP!

Thought it was a good read apart from calling our previous manager 'Ian Bowyer'.

At least there's some kind of understanding from other clubs fans, which is the main thing, even if there are some inaccuracies. 

‍Some more comments have finally been posted.

- Not confident we will get anything from this game.blackpool are a bogey team,our record Is pretty poor against them . 0-2

- True I think we will unfortunately lose as well. 3-0.

- Just left Hertfordshire for the game. Confident we won’t lose and I’ll predict a 0-0. They haven’t conceded away from home in the league but haven’t scored either. Sounds like it could be pretty exciting

- argyle 3 blackpool 1

- We will struggle to score one let alone 3.

- Every faith in Derek, I just don't want us to leave it as late as we did last season.

Let's kick on now, come on boys!!!!

- Suspect similar score to last season.Blackpool have regularly beaten us down here although I would hope we see a bloody goal by a green shirt in their onion bag.

- another clean sheet

Gc 10 to find his form,

lapado to score,

9800ish( 350 pools),

that will do for me,

‍What Plymouth are saying post match:

- Blackpool were poor and Argyle were worse. Little joined up play from front to back and when we did get it forward there was little penetration especially until Lameiras joined the fray. Admas doesn't know his strongest line up and the players aren't playing well. Something needs to happen to change it and soon.

- Blackpool were terrible.....and yet Argyle were so much worse. Draw your own conclusions.

They even fought amongst themselves. Got two players sent off. And yet instead of use the 2 man advantage and get the ball up the pitch we lumped it with unerring no accuracy into the box. 

- Too slow all over the pitch, opposition yards quicker ( and they were no world beaters ).

- Awful and embarrassing performance. Unless we get rid of Adams it's a trip to Gateshead or Wrexham next season.

- That was desperately poor. Giving us credit for improving late on ignores that Blackpool stopped attacking and let us have the ball.

Their 5'8 striker regularly beat Edwards and Wootton to the ball, Delfouneso had the beating of Riley whenever he fancied it and O'Keefe being contracted to a Premier League football club gives me hope, at the age of 40, that I might still make it.

Some effort, but absolutely no quality.

- It's another defeat, this time against a very average Blackpool team. We enjoyed some pressure but couldn't find that one clear cut chance, Blackpool didn't offer much going forward, so the match pattern was now us huffing and puffing without getting a sight of goal while Blackpool were content to sit back.

- Blackpool weren’t that good a side by the looks of it, but we made them look good.

- Bristol Rovers and Blackpool niether of those teams have any quality and yet we can't score against either.

- Good summary. I thought we generally played well. Miles the better side and deserved an easy win. Song'o, Sarcevic, Ladapo the standouts. But we won't score as proved today with Ladapo up front on his own.

Blackpool had 1 chance took it, and back to the walls for 20 minutes which just about worked because we weren't good enough to score.

- Blackpool had at least 2 or 3 good chances in the first half and they had our defence on toast. In the 2nd half they had another clear cut chance and a couple of half chances. Let's not rewrite history

- Anyways BFC got their goal from a cross and could easily have been 3/4 up in that early period as they were murdering us on the counter. With their 5 midfielders in a 4231 causing us no end of problems linking up and breaking with pace. 

- Anyone saying Blackpool had one chance is on some sort of strong hallucinagen

- Blackpool as the away team were by far the better side and could have easily scored another one.

- From my end behind the home goal, our full back got in behind Bola and we won a corner from the ball in the box, with that Daniels has run over to him grabbed him by the throat and then they went at each other, similar to Dyer and Bowyer at Newcastle, was very strange!