‍It's probably a job that would interest him.

- Not great expectations so less pressure.

- Hate to say it but decent stadium

Let's hope he doesn't tarnish his name though...

Could he be sacked after today's game? It doesn't get any easier for them. WBA will be difficult. They would probably expect to lose today anyway, so would his sacking come after the next loss instead. Personally hope he stays 😁

‍I don't think they will sack him as he did a good job last season. The board will wait to see if they are seriously in a relegation or battle. It's too early to tell. 

WBA are improving so hopefully that will continue today.

‍Well we will find out soon enough. They won't sack him though. Losing to West Brom is almost expected.

‍Don't think he'll be sacked. 

Get the feeling he and they will turn it around. 

Whilst no ill -will towards O'Neill,  hope they never win another game........ ever

‍Villa beating the Nobbers 2-1 but down to ten men.

Edit - 2-2

seasider wrote:

‍Villa beating the Nobbers 2-1 but down to ten men.

‍2-2 now 😖

‍Fuck now winning. Bye Bye Bruce

‍3-3. What a game. 

Villa missed a pen in the 96th minute.

A fan also threw a cabbage at Bruce.

‍looks like Nobbers Online is down.

They are upgrading their forum. 

‍Looks like they've turned a corner. Their forum upgrade hasn't gone well though as it's been mostly down the last four days. 

‍Losing 3-0 to Birmingham. Good to see their mini revival over. 

‍They was looking lower mid table for a second!

PNE's keeper 🤣

He’s a little diamond, I hope they keep hold of him in January.