‍Hi all,

Argyle fan in peace here - just thought I'd share my latest video with you guys. 

It's a behind the scenes look of the day with match highlights from various angles. 


‍Thanks for sharing. Good quality video that. 

I am sure Plymouth will turn it around like they did last season. 

That's the first time I've seen footage of what happened between Daniels and Bola. Can't believe they both got straight reds for that.
Cheers for puts vid up, good quality as Jam80 stated.
Still don't know why Daniels lots it 🤔

‍Very weird given the situation. It's not as if we were losing and frustrated. 

Still don't know why ref sent both off & just yellow card Daniels

‍If you look at the 8.45 minute, Bola does seem to be disinterested in tackling the PA winger. I can understand why DD felt he had to say something, but I think grabbing a fellow player in such an aggressive way is just not on. That's not passion, it's losing control.

Watched it a few times and can't see what Bola was doing wrong. He was just showing him the inside. Certainly didn't warrant what Daniels did. It must have been a build up of frustrations with Bola. God knows.