You're right, however the following comes to mind.

Not everybody who voted Brexit is a racist wanker, but all racist wankers voted Brexit.

It’s going to get voted down, then a long delay, then it’ll never fucking end. 

It’s all been fucking horrible, fed up seeing them Tory cunts all over the news.

Magic147 wrote:Who the fuckedy fuck voted for Brexit from a business perspective?
A fucking idiot.
I think the idea that was sold was more money in our pockets. 
seasider wrote:I think the idea that was sold was more money in our pockets. 

Was it? 

I think everyone with a brain cell knew the average Joe would be hit in the pocket but we were willing to take that risk!

It was the extra 300 million for the NHS that probably helped as well.
Neil Warnock talking about Brexit in his press conference. He said he doesn't care how it happens as long as we leave. 

''I firmly believe there is an overwhelming majority in this house for my withdrawal agreement''

Hahahahaha we'll see Treeeza, ya fucking nutbag

Ha Ha. She's lost again. Now fuck off Treeza ya cunt

A No 10 source tells the Press Association the prime minister will continue to seek support in the Commons for her deal.


4th time lucky.... Surely a change in plan is needed although there is no plan so difficult.

Brexit supporters outside Parliament.


seasider wrote:

Brexit supporters outside Parliament.

Ha Ha

Seems to have gone from Remoaners to Lemoaners

People glued their naked bums to the glass and had to be peeled off by the police and it was still wasn’t the stupidest thing that happened in Parliament today.

October 31st is the new date. Yippee 
Enough time to organise a new referendum?