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What QPR fans are saying

By seasider in

Blackpool FC

3 weeks ago
RE: What QPR fans are saying
By seasider 3 weeks ago


- What are the odds that McClaren pisses this up the wall, makes 7 changes and we go out limply - ending any real spark in the season until our FA Cup exit in January?

- A good cup run might provide a boost and yet, that said, I wouldn’t kick the cat to learn Messrs Hart, Kakay, Smith, Smyth and BOS got a chance of a run out. It’s a conundrum alright and one historically we’ve mastered to royally f..k up at any given opportunity.

1-0 to the Rs. The BOS man...and the march goes on!

- As the likes of Smyth, Bright Samuel and Kakay seem miles from a first team start I'd like to se them get a go in this one

- He has to make changes, that team was knackered on Saturday plus a good enough squad to rotate and still beat Blackpool.

- It's more a mental tiredness than a physical one, i wouldn't be making 10 changes but would certainly give the fringe players a run out. Should still be capable of winning this game

- Always had a soft spot for them

- Tickets are £10. Considering it, could be a laugh and one of our few away wins!

- I think you've got it wrong. They pay you 10 pounds to go into blackpool and a free fish and chips

- has crossed my mind , but it's long. don't know sort of team mac will put out could be a banana skin

- BOS will go there and terrify em

- the place is empty for league games , saturday they had a whole stand empty

- Blackpool away this time of year should only be a Saturday fixture you wouldn't be going for the football I can tell you lads

RE: What QPR fans are saying
By seasider 3 weeks ago

‍One of their websites have done an interview with Christine Seddon. Thought it was worth sharing.

RE: What QPR fans are saying
By GynnSquarePhoenix 3 weeks ago

‍Always enjoy this thread.

RE: What QPR fans are saying
By Jams80 3 weeks ago
GynnSquarePhoenix wrote:

‍Always enjoy this thread.

‍ I'm always intrigued by what other other fans make of our club and the sorry state of affairs. I agree, a good thread idea.

RE: What QPR fans are saying
By seasider 3 weeks ago

‍Thanks for the positive feedback - nice to know I'm not wasting my time!

Sometimes it's a struggle with the smaller times. 

RE: What QPR fans are saying
By Hero 3 weeks ago

‍definately not wasting your time. It was the match day threads and comments from other fans that first got me reading BHS.

RE: What QPR fans are saying
By shaunw 3 weeks ago
RE: What QPR fans are saying
By seasider 3 weeks ago

‍Post Match

what an absolute amateurish performance from everyone involved at the club,should be ashamed of themselves the bunch of karnts.

Woeful evening all round. What a waste of an opportunity to progress and generate much needed revenue.

McClaren has one job to do,that is to prevent us from having to play blackpool twice next season,that is why he put out the kids tonight

It's a run out for the reserves. Give a couple of players coming back from injury some minutes and let a couple of youngsters have a runabout with the big boys. Nothing to see here.

Opportunity missed. Should have played a stronger line up.

Burton just beat Burnley. This comp is a farce.

even div 1 sides change loads of their squads for this cup,its worth is about as much as a house in toxteth these days. Shame really how football has gone but heyho

I think this result shows how thin the squad is, a bunch of injuries and we're in trouble, this was a chance for squad players to impress and although I didn't see the match it sounds like they clearly didn't!

I think the result tonight is a reflection of where we sit in the football hierarchy. It comes down to what do you want to pay your money to see. The last two games have been abysmal given our resources. We should at least be competing.

Forgot this game was on. Caught up via this thread. What a s hit team. What a c rap result. What a joke we are. FFS. Embarrassing.

see McClaren is blaming everyone bar himself for this debacle. the bloke is utterly clueless.

Blackpool slung in some crosses from deep and it’s true had some big players, but they didn’t play long ball. They played right through us in the middle of the park, were much more comfortable on the ball, sharper and more skilful. They were also a cohesive unit who were up for it. We were the ones who spent the first half booting them up in the air not the other way round.

If we had scouted correctly we would have realised Blackpool are no mugs and quite resolute.
What do all the support staff do again?

Wed 9 changes. They had five changes. Their changes stepped up. Ours didnt

His comments on Blackpool being physical are laughable.
Yes they were a big side and a threat in the air from set pieces, but they actually passed and moved the ball very well with Spearing pulling the strings.

Sixth clean sheet of the season for Blackpool with Tilt at the back. Tilt who Penrice had picked out for Holloway to sign this summer but McClaren didn't want because he didn't want lower league players.

Every single Queens Park Rangers supporter who frequented Bloomfield Road tonight to support their team should receive a full travel refund (based on a calculation of average journey costs) plus a full ticket entry refund by the club. No ifs, no buts. End of.

FFS. I just don't know any more what the point is in following a club without the ambition even to try to give Blackpool a good game. I hope they get a cracking draw in the next round... not that many of them will go..... just the kind we would have liked

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