I long for the day when all we're talking about on here is on -the -field  stuff,  but, in the meantime :-

If you could do any job,  if you'd had a change of career plan in earlier times,  if there's anything you'd like to get paid for, legitimately ( I'm not allowing Q-related practices, professional sportsperson,  musician, politician - as we have too many of them at present, especially on this forum-), what would you have spent more time in your formative years aspiring to?

Perhaps you made the right choice and have enjoyed your career.

If so,  I envy you, as I've completed almost 29 years as a professional babysitter and my patience is wearing thin. 

I'm kind of at a point where my career is no longer important to me. I know that's a bad thing but I just find juggling life difficult especially with second child round the corner. I am at the point where I just want to be content with what I've got and focus on that rather than wanting more. I wish I had still had the drive to better myself but I just can't be arsed these days. I just accept that whilst I have my job, I will never be poor but I will never be able to afford nice cars, big houses, etc. 

My career has never really had a path and I've ended up as a software sales manager simply by that path choosing me rather than the other way round. 

By University, I was more bothered about going out on the lash and ended up copying and pasting my dissertation off the web and got away with it. They have special software these days to spot things like that so wouldn't have got away with that today. 

Ended up on job seekers soon after Uni and then shortly after working in a pub followed by packing toys at a factory in Fleetwood. I then got a lucky break to move to Portugal mainly because my uncle knew someone out there. God knows what I would be doing now if it wasn't for that.  

W‍hen I was a student I was a stand up comic. The got a job in finance and gave it all up until I got made redundant in the crash and went back to it. I hated every minute.

Then 3 years ago gave it all up. I’ve now got radio shows and a web series. I’ve never been happier.

If you don’t enjoy your job, don’t do it. Find something better.

‍If I could do anything, it would probably be a engineer working on tunnelling.

I’m really happy with my career,  I just piss about all day on site and travel the UK.