‍The club cannot include season ticket holders but I am sure they will find a way to boost the attendance figures. With it being the third round, I suspect it will be higher than normal although what figure they report is another question.

I am guessing 4,127 with 650 away fans.



‍600 Away fans

0 Home fans Boycott in support of Blackpool fans who were sued by oyston


480 away fans

‍QPR fan saying there is only one stand open (West) and they have sold around 400 tickets.

‍Was right....

I'm closest with 7.
Magic147 wrote:I'm closest with 7.

No ! I’m closer with 69 🖕

‍Jezza is currently winning. I counted although I didn't take into account the invisible 2k. 

‍Just before kick off. No more than 1,400

If there's 500 away fans, then there's about 200 home, no more. Just seen the Knights tweet that attendance is 5233.

‍They have only sold around 400. Surely that Tweet from the Knights is taking the piss. 

‍Crowd has been given as 1,910 (496 QPR)

Nowhere near that but less of an exaggeration than normal.

‍how the fuck do they get away with it blatant lies 

‍i've worked it out

There's about a thousand pool fans hiding behind that girder that's obscuring the view 

I can rest assured now I know they're not just lying about attendance

‍At least the official attendance will stand out tonight. Doesn't normally in League One.

Less than 2000. In the old days bloomers would have been rocking with a cup tie like that.
Just shows you that the Oystons have sucked the lifeblood out of the club.
NAPM is aluve and kicking