Do you think it will make General Sale 😀

Tickets will be sold as follows:

Thursday 4 October - Season ticket holders of five years or more.
Friday 5 October - Season ticket holders of three years or more.
Saturday 6 October - All season ticket holders and members.
Tuesday 9 October - General sale, subject to availability.

Tickets will be sold one per season ticket holder, with supporters advised to have their season ticket card or client reference number with them when purchasing.

Supporters are also asked to note that online sales are not available for this fixture, so tickets must be purchased in person or over the telephone by calling 0303 334 0999.

‍I hope no one off here meets the criteria needed to purchase one.

If they do, then they are a cunt.

‍Just go in the home end if you're that bothered 

‍Anyone know if they made general sale yesterday? Not going but interested to know if the season ticket holders snapped them up. 

‍don't even know when the game is  

Don't even care anymore 

Fuck you oyston 

John 53 wrote:

‍don't even know when the game is  

Don't even care anymore 

K‍eep telling myself,  "Nor do I",  but it'll still rankle with me when they eventually beat Blackpool,  whatever the circumstances.

Probably happen this season.

Wouldn't mind if it heralded the start of a new era,  as the owner finally let's go,  but I've given up on that as well

‍Around 200 standing tickets remain available for the match against Fleetwood, which takes place on Saturday 27 October, kick-off 3pm.

‍Not surprised if you have to stand next to a scab

‍Now sold out. Just under 1000 Pool fans. 

To be fair, boycott or not, it was always going to sell out. Perhaps the true story is how long it took to shift those. 

I’m going away for a long weekend with mrs Jezza as it’s our wedding anniversary. Won’t be giving the game any thought whatsoever! 👍