‍ Anyone else looking forward to this?. I loved the last one and the previews of the new game look amazing. It costs £50 though and there's no way I'm paying that. Can't see it being discounted any time soon either. Think I might have to write a letter to Santa.

‍This came out today after receiving the highest scores for any game I've ever seen. I didn't plan to buy it immediately, but Mrs C kindly let me use her Sainsbury's vouchers. 

It's such a big game it comes on 2 discs and a 100 GB install. Not a problem for me as I installed a 2TB hard drive years ago. Big amount for standard 500gb hard drives though. I may be waiting a while for it to install.

‍Rockstar know what they're doing so it'll doubtless be a good investment.

I've just downloaded The Elder Scrolls Online again and my next purchase will be RDR2.

Playing Civ 3 and have Witcher 3 on hold