‍Whos voted tomato ketchup flavour crisps as a he north’s favourite flavour 

Not me.
Tangerinenick wrote:Not me.

The south east has Worcester sauce, which is a decent flavour. And Scotland has pickled onion, which is also a great flavour . But tomato ketchup!! 🤮

Spicy tomato isn't bad.

Tho the south west voted marmite! 

The worlds gone mad 🤪

‍I have to admit I did like Tomato flavour Walkers Crisps as a kid but not had them in years. 

I would have voted for Prawn Cocktail. 

‍Family size bag of Salt and Vinegar.

Salt and vinegar twists.

seasider wrote:

I would have voted for Prawn Cocktail. 

‍That is fucking madness.

munkle wrote:

‍That is fucking madness.

‍Best by a country mile if we are talking basic crisps like Walkers.