‍Post Match

Not much this week.

Given Blackpools' recent form, that's a great point today.

Good point, great scenes at the end, awful ref

Great point. Donny got gubbed today so need to go at em next Sat.

I thought it was a very boring game despite the four goals.
We looked shaky in defence but Lillis didn't have much to do; we looked unable to break them down up top but scored two goals.
So overall, as others have said, it's a good point against a team doing well.
My favourite bit was the patch of sunlight on the pitch near the end of the game when the rest of it was in shade. Rafferty looked like a figure from an Edward Hopper painting. But it wasn't worth £22.

At the start of the day I had said I would be happy with a point, so should be satisfied with that. After the match my conclusion was that we lack a leader or leaders on the pitch.

A point from Blackpool is a boost of sorts too. I just feel (in my water) that we should be better than a lower mid-table team and we aren't. Doesn't mean to say we can't be, just wanting to hear about signs. Still, hope springs eternal. Cheers all.