‍That you really disliked?

I hated that big fat Sean Greegan, what a total wanker that bloke was. I hated how their fans idolise him and I thought he was gash. 

It’s a shame Gnashers never got to play against him! I would have paid good money to see Kieth fly in two footed on the fat git.

What was the name of that big overrated striker who thought he was the bees, went for 5 mil. From Northern Ireland I think.

John Macken. That's him. Shite!

Jams80 wrote:

John Macken. That's him. Shite!

‍He is English, he’s scored for England. You might be thinking of David Healey.

Both horrible.

‍Every player for them. 

Tom Clarke for that blatant push on our defender in the last minute.