Anyone‍ know what this machine does?

He mentions that similar work is also being done on the Squires Gate pitch.

Fair play to Gary in keeping the fans updated.

That's a Verti-drain.

I believe it creates a habitat perfect for the nematode.

‍Surprised to see such a machine at Bloomfield. You would think it would just be Gary and his pitch fork.

Creates holes in the pitch for Owen to stick his dick in.
He does love the club so much after all.


Gary's explanation is:

Just to answer a question about the video I posted earlier the work being carried out is verti draining it's a form of deep spiking it helps relieve compaction improves root growth and drainage it also help to get air into the roots @gardenermarky @BlackpoolFC @BackHenryStreet

‍Gary has responded to someone asking about Squires Gate and when it will be ready.

The grass coverage is good considering the hot spell we had we are improving the pitches all the time and is currently a programme of work we are doing to the training ground the u18 use it now.

‍Seems a good guy, only one that is willing to talk to the fans.

‍Yeah definitely. Hopefully he is still around when the dust settles.