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What Wimbledon fans are saying

By seasider in

Blackpool FC

3 weeks ago
RE: What Wimbledon fans are saying
By seasider 3 weeks ago


- Say we win at Blackpool and get the usual King Ardley and keep the faith posts, after that we’ll be suffering more crap selection, tactics, substitutions etc. as before. I’m fed up to the back teeth with it all. Nearly 50 years a Dons’ fan and I have never been so demotivated about our management for so long.

- Trigger going on so far this is exactly the kind of team we’ll play beautiful football against, play them off the park and lose 3-1

- Didn’t realise that Blackpool have only lost once this season. Doesn’t sound like the type of team we can beat right now i.e. playing the worst game of their season but who knows, maybe they can be the first ones to relax too much from 2-0 up at half time.

- It’s like Strictly, getting to Blackpool will be an achievement, or we lose there the writing may be on the wall

- Avoid Preston New Road in driving into Blackpool Saturday. March and sit blocking it off at the Fracking site will be closed much of the day.

- We have lost 5 of our last 6 games and as much as I have always been a supporter of Ardley I think it would be time for a new direction and I don't mean as in going into L2! Probably a fresh face for example like Cotterill or Warburton could change things and style. Saying that I would love us to pick up 3 points tomorrow and go on a good run. If it came to the worse and we did need to change I would rather it was done before we hit the 20 game mark.

- Bumped into another Wimbledon fan in the pub tonight,he was telling me that Ardley resigned after the Portsmouth game,but it was refused by the club?was surprised as hadn't heard that before. The guy who told me in his 60s and not a bullshitter as far as I know.

- Blackpool 2 dons 0,hope the fans travelling can cheer themselves up after with one of the many drag shows

- Blackpool 1 Dons 1 late Pigott equaliser off the bench saves Ardleys job crowd 2733[320 Dons) …...actual crowd 1800 Oyston counts everyone programme seller, stewards, pie man, press ect. He also gives out 1000 free tickets a game so official att 3900. There will be a bigger actual gate at AFC Fylde.

- Sounds like Franchise lite …...A friend of my used to work for them. They have 1500 season ticket holders with about 300 of them complementary, the vast majority of the rest senior ones or kids free.

- Speaking to a Blackpool Club bod tonight, we had an away allocation of 300 tickets, haven’t sold them all, expecting returns tomorrow morning.

- Good luck to the Dons and the travelling Wombles. Sadly I expect us to lose, or at absolute best to draw, and just as sadly Neal will still have a job for life.

RE: What Wimbledon fans are saying
By seasider 3 weeks ago

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RE: What Wimbledon fans are saying
By seasider 3 weeks ago


- Sounded like a few of ours were fighting amongst themselves yesterday....... you wouldn’t put it past one or two of our less genteel “fans” to do something stupid would you.

- Shame to hear that there was some unpleasantness between our fans at the end yesterday. Hopefully nothing more than a symptom of the tension around the place as we watch us whimper back to L2. Bound to make people act out of character.

- Ardley is totally deluded if he thinks our problems are just in both boxes. Our problems are much much bigger than that. The players brought in are not good enough, we have no strength of character, no leaders on the pitch and most players look like they are going through the motions. The current us the total antithesis of Wimbledon teams. The manager must take the can for the current and go. Enough is enough.

- Ian Holloway is available and will probably be at the Bristol Rovers game .... someone have a quiet word. ……. not while those wankers at QPR are still paying the bastard

- BD - in context of today’s game, we were the ugly bird and Blackpool did not call us back.

- Enough is enough. Time for a change as this shit has been going on for 3 seasons now. I was pro Ardley for a long time but I’m sick of it now. Sorry!

- There's been much worse performances than today this season

- Tfish, we were ok today and bpool looked clueless at times and so did we but it wasnt that bad but are target practice needs more qork and confidence

- Let’s be very clear (and I know this was not your point Tuds) we were not unlucky today. We didn’t control the game. We got deservedly beat 2-0 and we deservedly scored 0. This was the “change or other people will make changes and that starts on Monday” performance. Anyone see any change? Trotter didn’t start yes but in terms of application on the pitch I just watched a group of no hopers chasing the ball around looking pretty clueless whenever they caught it. I’m glad I was there to clap Ardley at the end.

- dugoutdon……...A football club is just an empty shell without it's fanbase, greed and corruption by its owners who are now taking each other to court over missing funds and even kitchen equipment has turned what was Blackpool fc into Oyston fc. My mate got out and has a job now at Fleetwood which is a community club.

- Paul, sad really, once a great club. Took a walk around it yesterday. Can tell it has history, shop untidy, low stocks, main ticket office area closed. Today’s programme on sale but £2 and poor. Didn’t buy anything but all a bit grim. One member of staff and seemed to be doing everything

- Speaking to a Blackpool Club bod tonight, we had an away allocation of 300 tickets, haven’t sold them all, expecting returns tomorrow morning. …...They print their on tickets, but now ask people to pay cash only at the turnstile as there is no record of transaction. Hence no VAT or ticket issued at turnstile. They have had all card transactions payments stopped by the provider since August

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