‍Crashed in the car park at the stadium. No details yet on who was aboard.


Hope no casualties but doesn't look good in the pics. 

‍Rumours are the owners were on it. Looks unlikely anyone survived after seeing the videos on Twitter.

‍Apparently only just made it over the stadium. 

This is taking off

‍Sad that the owner and daughter and two pilots have died in this tragedy. Couldn't be more different from ours, seems to be genuinely loved by the people of Leicester. Rip.

‍What must the wife be going through. Can't believe the daughter was in the helicopter as well. Very sad.

‍Apparently daughter wasn't on the helicopter. Still two unidentified people though along with the pilots. 

‍Unidentified as far as we know - someone will know exactly who was onboard.

‍BT sports know who exactly who was in the helicopter, they filmed it being boarded and  taking off.



Shades of Matthew Harding if people can remember that? I don't like flying on planes so wouldn't go near a helicopter. Really sad and thoughts are with their families.

Just seen there has been another aviation disaster. 188 people feared dead after an Indonesian plane has crashed into the sea. 

It's one of those surreal events you just can't get your head around.

‍Wife and Son laying a wreath. Very sad.

‍Just seen the awful video of the crash on Twither. Don't really want to post it on here out of respect but can easily be found on Twitter. 

Air Accidents Investigation Branch has issued an update on its investigation into the Leicester City helicopter crash which killed five people in October and says a pin had become disconnected in the control mechanism of the tail rotor which made the helicopter "uncontrollable"

It was Chelsea fans