Check out the latest Undr the Cosh podcast - guest this week is Brett Ormerod and he talks about life at Blackpool under the Oyscums amongst other things. Worth a listen
Where is it?

(I'm lazy)

Just search for it online (spelling it literally "Undr the cosh") or on the iphone app. Easy to find even for the lazy!

‍I thought 'undr' was a typo!

Cool. This counts as work, right?

‍He can swear the lad!

That was a good listen - didn't realise he was so funny.

Didn't know he nearly signed for Carlisle, who were in a league lower, as they offered £500 quid more than what Oyston was offering.

‍Brilliant listen

‍That was ace, I await part 2.

‍Didnt realise it was Jon Parkin presenting that.

‍No I didn't. No wonder Brett was so laid back. Thought it was just some random presenters. 

Really recommend people to listen to it if you haven't already. I usually can't be arsed with things like this but glad I made the effort. 

Podcast is presented by Jon Parkin & Chris Brown (ex Blackburn, Sunderland) and worth a listen every week. The Mark Crossley one a few weeks back was hilarious ("shithouse") but you can go listen to any of them for a laugh.

Thought Brett came across well and seems like a decent guy. Look forward to part 2!
That was great to listen to. Chee for post 👍

‍Not listened to it yet but part two is here:

This is fucking brilliant, just listened to the Nicky Weaver one.