‍and volume seem to have dropped drastically since the move to the new site!

Anyone else noticed??

Would certainly benefit from being busier but it's hard to know what you can do when the most popular board is so completely shit and people still use it.

‍Its not helped by not being able to see who is online.

I often feel like the only one one here!!

‍I tend to spend more time over there than on here mainly because I have met more of them at games and can put a face to a poster, i think that makes a huge difference if you personally know the author.

It is certainly a very broad church with some very excellent posters along with some I would give a wide berth, but that is what it is all about you read the thread title that you think will interest you, I certainly do not look at all that is posted.

It would appear a few contributors on BHS have departed over the years and  a few not posting as often as they once did,   the toxic atmosphere at the club probably doesn't  help, perhaps when the nightmare is over traffic will improve, let's hope so.

‍The football situation doesn't help. 

The other one wasn't that active and to move that forward we had to move to a new site. The fact that people have had to register won't have helped but again no choice. It's one of them where we have had to go backwards in the hope of moving forward. 

A lot of new features will be added to the site and this in we expect/hope there will be an influx of new users. At the moment there probably isn't the pull factor as it's a stripped down version but I'm sure you will all agree it's good so far. I've not seen a better football forum in terms of being use it on a tablet or mobile. The foundations are there so we've just got to patient and perhaps judge it when the forum is finished. 

We really appreciate the support from the existing users so far and we rely on you to keep it as active as possible. 

Roll on the days when we can just all talk footy again. 

‍Even the Nobbers have all fucked off.

I think there’s less traffic on avit too, most of what’s on there is what’s your favourite or first something you did threads. 

It’s a crap time to be a pool fan. Plus some just can’t be bothered registering again. It’s been the same stuff for a year now and there’s still no light at the end of the tunnel. 

‍There needs to be something that stimulates the growth and that can only be BFC discussion. It's really tough without this.

It could be a complete waste of time but the plan is to get this forum into a great position so when/if we discuss BFC again, everything is in place ready to take over the world..... OK might be aiming too high there. 

As Hero has been brought up who's online, this is obviously a consideration but it doesn't affect the user experience. The focus has to be on that in order to attract new users. No one is going to join simply because they want to see who is online. Having said that, Steed is looking to improve all features. I am not going to say this is going to happen but why just have a box saying 'Who's online' - why not look into a Facebook Style chat up box so not only can you see who's online, you can also start an instant chat?

You get my point don't you? There is no point in copying old features that potentially we could make a lot better and this takes time.

Just to give an insight on the type of things we are talking about although I have to caveat this by saying Steed will have his own ideas and some of these might not happen but...

- Live score in the match day thread. (Coming soon)

- Home page that potentially could include articles, BFC news feed, forum highlights

- Widgets on forum home page such as Polls, latest articles, staff, member stats

These are just some ideas being thrown about and we have to realistic on timings. Steed has to balance personal life, work and this. The end product will be amazing though so hopefully that will give you an insight on the direction. We obviously rely on your support to make the above worthwhile. It's probably not rocket science to realise that a more active forum, the more motivation Steed will have!

‍I said ages ago that forums have had their day. Most are down to just a few users now. One exception is PNE Online, that one seems to remain healthy.

Bally wrote:

‍I said ages ago that forums have had their day. Most are down to just a few users now. One exception is PNE Online, that one seems to remain healthy.

‍You definitely have a point. That's why we have to think out of the box and use more modern functionality.

An example of this might be to have a BFC news feed. I personally go to News Now first to see what the latest Blackpool news is. If we can capture that audience, then that potentially would reap rewards. Giving users the power to create articles as well might be well received.

I think having a solid mobile platform gives us a chance. More and more people will be accessing websites on mobile devices and this trend will only grow. The rest is out of our hands!

‍Reregistering is putting some off I’m sure plus some people just don’t like change. The problem with football debate is that none of us go and as soon as someone who is still attending comes on here they get dogs abuse (I’m guilty of it). I’m not questioning whether they deserve it or not but they don’t tend to last long as a result. Therefore there’s no debate - it’s just us slagging off Oyston. Maybe the next time one turns up we should talk to them rationally rather than just calling them scabs. I’d like to hear and dissect their arguments before a thread just descends into a slanging match. It would make a more interesting read.

‍Well Rockontommy was a victim of that although there is an argument to say he incited it. His two week ban was lifted a while back so he would be welcome to return.

You sum up the situation quite nicely Munkle. Any forum needs debate and there is nothing to debate. I know other things outside BFC can be discussed and debated but you really need a strong user base for that. Not many football forums have an active general chat section.

If they can't handle being called cunts then they're going to have problems.
Magic147 wrote:If they can't handle being called cunts then they're going to have problems.

‍shut up you cunt!

‍I don't even believe Rock on Tommy does go to the games. Strikes me as just another attention seeking WUM. I wouldn't mind but he wasn't exactly good at it. Not many are

Hero wrote:

‍shut up you cunt!

‍ Exactly.

‍i can’t speak for anyone else but Blackpool-wise I’m going through phases of being interested and then completely switching off so I’ll go away for a month then head back on. It’s hard to gauge true interest in discussion atm because we’re in limbo as a club 

‍^ agree.... I enjoyed being able to watch the Arsenal match, but most of the time I don't think about BFC.

I‍ loved going to the games with Harry. Enjoyed the company of old pals and new pals we had met through this forum. However the lack of fight in the fans  and the fact that some are still prepared to fund a family that went to war against their own supporters has left me cold. I still look for the result but only because I know a defeat will upset the scabs and hopefully encourage them to question their stance. Why can't people just stay away if they're not prepared to take militant action.