Plans are in place for the 6th November Judgment "vigil" and photo shoot. This will only be successful if as many Blackpool fans as possible turn up and take part.
Our photographer is ready, all 163 pages of the judgment are ready - now all we need is YOU!
We are meeting up outside the football club main entrance, ready to start at 6.30pm.
See you there!

‍Anyone attending?

‍Can’t be arsed, it won’t affect anything.

Considering everyone involved in the club won’t be there. Is there any point? 

‍I have lost interest 

‍Most have lost interest it’s went on too long and have gave up. No winners have came out of this just one massive loser and that is Blackpool Football  Club 

Good turnout.
Magic147 wrote:Good turnout.

‍It was. Much better than I was expecting. 

At least Sky picked the story up.

‍All seems pointless to me.