‍“I’d had such fantastic experiences as a kid going to watch my dad at Wembley and it was always a burning ambition to lead my team out there as a manager.

“To have your family with you there and to win at Wembley is just brilliant.”

Despite enjoying the day as a spectacle, Bowyer admits the day was overshadowed a little by the continued protests against the Oystons, with just 5,000 fans attending the game.

He added: “We knew we could have filled our 30,000 allocation quite easily and Exeter had 12,500."

“That overshadowed the achievement a little bit and I felt sorry for the players and the staff. The amount of work that had gone into it, they deserved the headlines."

"I never had a grudge with any of the fans, but it meant we were ultimately doing it for ourselves. "There was a special bond between the players and the staff and you have to concentrate on what you can control.”


‍I can understand Bowyer's frustration with the turnout. I am sure we would all be in the same position.

Even if things were rosy, there is no way we would have taken close to 30,000 for a League Two play-off final.

‍if all was rosy we wouldn’t be in League 2, you can’t really say what following we would have took because we never should have been in that position to start with.

‍You can only judge it previous attendances in that division and that would be around 15,000. A league two final is hardly going to get the bandwagoners on board.

‍Our fanbase has been swollen by our brief trip to the prem. Your average youngster now supported Blackpool, which wasn’t the case in 2001.

If we had a decent owner and the club just fell through the leagues by freak results, I’d say we would have took 20-25k in that league!

Didn’t we have 18/19k V Orient at Cardiff?? 

‍Can't remember, I am sure that was more towards the 15k and you would have had the novelty of going to the Millenium Stadium if the LDV finals were after that one.

It's all circumstantial and difficult to tell but we would never take 30k to a League Two play off final.