‍- Amazing return to form. SL is clearly getting respect from the players, and Tom Eaves is an absolute star man.

Gills 2-0 Blackpool (Eaves, Byrne)

- 0-0 back to reality!

- Trying not to get carried away.
3-0 Eaves, List, Ehmer.

- Gillingham 1- 2 Blackpool ( Byrne)

- Gills 3 (Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaves x2, Byrne)
Blackpool 1 (OG)

- Gills 2-0 Blackpool

- Gillingham 4 - Eaves (2), RCC & Oldaker
Blackpool 1 - Delfouneso

- Gills (Oldaker) 1-1 Blackpool (Cullen)

- I think that if we play like we did yesterday then we should have more than enough to get a win. Whether we could get another 3 goals or more I don’t know, but I am going to predict 2-0 to the gills.

-  it should be a good match and I’ll be happy with another clean sheet. It’s always difficult to keep a winning run, especially after recent form, but confidence is a wonderful thing.
The Gills were certainly not lucky and Fleetwood knew they were in for a difficult afternoon right from the kick off. Yes, Fleetwood came on strong after half time and were sent out early, probably after a bxxxxxxxxxx from Barton. However, I never felt that the Gills would capitulate and let them back in the game. In fact the Gills were unlucky not to add to the three scored.
Oldaker was a main stay of the midfield and did all the simple things well. Yes, he made a couple of mistakes under pressure, but the cross field ball to Eaves was sublime.

- Hard one to call given that Blackpool have been in excellent form up to Saturday when Bristol Rovers after many games finally found their shooting boots.Gills will of course be confident after the last two performances

- Realistically Blackpool are decent away and this won't be easy, if we're on form and in their faces 1-0 to us, if not it will be a draw

-  I am not going on Tuesday , Blackpool are a bogey team,  but I say 2-0 Gills!

‍Post Match

- Disappointing result, not such a disappointing performance. In my book Blackpool were just a bit too ‘streetwise’ for us on the night, particularly their defenders. 

- Blackpool's back 4 were big, mobile and effective and Marshalled Tom very effectively. I enjoyed the game and if we continue to generate chances like tonight we'll deffo achieve our main aim of being a L1 team next season.

- I think we need to give the Blackpool defence some credit. Yes the time wasted, shirt pulled etc. but they bossed our strikers. Hanlan didn't get a look in physically. 

- Blackpool did their homework and used the Southend template to defend in the first half and change their formation at the start of the second half which we were slow to respond to. 

- Blackpool`s defenders were in fine form, which is another factor. 

- They were better organised than us, more physical than us, and full of energy. They were also cheating, diving, dirty, and the officials were being conned most of the match, can't say I enjoyed the game and feel sorry for Blackpool supporters if they have to watch that every week.

- Deeply frustrating evening against a well-drilled Blackpool side. Put simply, they created one chance and took it well, we created an late chance and hit it straight at the keeper plus a number of half chances. 

- I thought we dominated the game and clearly showed we were a better side. However, we didn’t create enough - too many wasted final balls and crosses and the few good chances we created we fluffed. Blackpool created nothing and we looked sound at the back, but a rare moment of madness from Max gave Blackpool their only sniff and to be fair it was well taken.

- Blackpool were a bunch of cheats - especially the number 9 and 25 and the tough looking defender, Nottingham, antics were a disgrace. I personally don’t mind seeing us do this I the last 10 to see out a game, but Blackpool’s antics started about 30 minutes in.

- Very, very frustrating for all the reasons already stated but not a poor all round performance. I can think of things we might have done better but a clear eyed assessment once the frustration cleared has to acknowledge that Blackpool had more quality and more pace than us.

- While I agree the Blackpool's antics were far too often totally unexceptable. They defended well and left us more and more desperate that was allowed to almost infest the whole team .Every time we got a good position they were their to block it.A good night for the Blackpool manager. A crap night for the referee. 

- As I say, we looked very sharp in the first half but Blackpool were solid at the back. Once they got their goal, that was it, though, we never looked like equalising. Another game where the first goal made all the difference.

- Gills just couldn't really get going tonight, too many misplaced passes.

Blackpool were poor, but once they got the goal, every trick in the book came out: time wasting, players going down as if they'd been shot etc. Not helped by the officials who were awful, particularly the ref who fell for it every time. One of the most frustrating games for a long time.

- However, after spending well over £150.00 in the last three home games on just six tickets, I felt cheated by the antics last night by the Blackpool players.
Fainting injury at every given moment, taking forever to take a throw in, substituting, or goal kicks. Disputing every decision given. Their number 16 completely collapse and rolled around at the Rainham end and looked like he’d been shot. As nobody was near him and the game continue, he jumped up and sprinted into action. Disgraceful.
I understand about time wasting, but referees need to add on the appropriate extra time. With 6 subs, copious amounts of time wasting to give 4 minutes extra time was ridiculous.

- Antics by the likes of Blackpool will just drive more people away.
Shame on them and other sides who just con the supporters.

‍Be interesting to get Whits' view on the above.  A fair amount of criticism from the Gills fans. Bitter or valid?

I‍ obviously didn't see what the Gills fans witnessed, their fans were expecting more based on the last couple of results from both teams and clearly after their early shot on goal which was a cracking shot from outside the area and clipped the bar they were forever afterwards chasing the game and the fans were getting more and more frustrated all the time.

When fans get frustrated they either take it out on their team, the officials or the opposition looking for the slightest upset to occur.

Once we had scored we did tighten up a tad, we then spent more time passing the ball slowed down the pace of the game to suit ourselves unlike the thoughts of one of their fans above who who thought they controlled the game, they never did.

First half we had more corners and slightly more of the play, second half other than the goal fairly even with them having more corners and free kicks most of which were over hit with at least two free kicks they had just outside the area which flew over the bar rugby fashion.

Their fans have become accustomed to Eaves their big centre forward and Hanlan getting the goals,  both never really got into the swing of things, with Haneghan keeping Eaves subdued and so their frustration showed when Cullen as lively as scolded cat, reminded me of Ronson some years ago by the way, was constantly targeted because of his pace and ended up on the grass.

Their fans know  the score, the opposition playing away one goal up aren't going to bust a gut, will slow things down although I didn't feel it was overplayed, but obviously they did.

As for the officials have to say they were pretty kind to us with the decisions  particularly so the lino on the opposite side to us who never missed anything at all.

Credit to the Gillingham f c, it was drizzing with rain as I walked from the car the fifeteen minutes to the ground and thought of the prospects of a wet night out in the open so was pleasantly surprised to find us at the end of the covered stand same end as the away fans are normally housed.

As for the time wasting I should remind their fans of the match I witnessed a couple of seasons ago against Coventry, nil nil and with Coventry making a last gasp effort to take the match the Gillingham keeper was booked for time wasting, it happens at some point with all teams, it is unfortunately part of the game.

Exactly Whitts! Time wasting is fine if it’s your own team , but a cardinal sin if it’s the oppo. I can think of many games where an opposition have killed the game when a goal up .