Maybe a Game of Thrones type thing with someone ringing a bell whilst walking behind them as they go in saying, ‘Shame shame shame’.  Ding!  Shame shame shame.

This will help with the court costs...

Distinct feeling of deja vu.....

yet another deadline has come and gone with no discernable outcome. Other than making the Oyston's look like they are not concerned in the least to comply with anything the court says.

If this was happening to one of us mere mortals, do you think we would have not been royally shafted by now???????

Roll on 2019 and let's hope something significant happens to shift them from our club.

This whole saga has become a farce
However, if he did comply, then presumably plans for auctions are being drawn up
We have just got to hope a lot of stuff is happening behind the scenes. Frustrating I agree. 

Owen Oyston's legal saga with Valeri Belokon preventing deal, previous Blackpool FC bidders reveal.

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I doubt those guys were ever interested. Probably a smokescreen and a collaboration with Oyston to make it look like he was actively trying to sell the club.

Just seen on PNE Online that a Nobber was speaking to a Pool fan who said Belokon has been paid the 32 million but told to keep quiet. 

Safe to say we can disregard that as a plausible outcome.