‍Someone told me today that Fulwood, where we train, have stopped making food for the players due to not being paid. Therefore the players are clubbing together and paying for their own food for after training. Could be bollocks but not the type to lie and in fact a Preston fan. 

With a long history of not paying bills, I’d bet it is true. 

‍Training is still an issue for the manager and players. 


Yet still fuckwits like Fred on AVFTT attend home games cos its about supporting the lads FFS

‍Squires Gate still not ready and it's annoying McPhillips.


seasider wrote:

‍Squires Gate still not ready and it's annoying McPhillips.

Is it one bloke and a shovel?

"Speaking at the end of August, she said the plan was to “get a few basic things in there” as a short-term measure with a view to the squad returning to Squires Gate “in a month or so”. She added: “As soon as we are financially settled, this will be the first thing to invest in.”

The only finacially settled position I want to see is the O's paying what they owe to  VB and him taking over the club etc. Oh yes.... and the O's not having a pot to piss in. So if we are to believe in Natalie's scenario, the training ground issue will only be resolved once ALL the O's have gone.

What planet do these people live on, the planet Denial???

I'm starting to think that when an Oyston says they're going to do something, they don't always mean it.

‍I never had training ground issues when I played for Lytham Juniors. We turned up at Park View every Wednesday. 

Mind boggling that a professional club can find themselves in this situation. 

Worst run football club in England. 

‍Back at Squires Gate on Monday

So meals at the training ground returns to dunes cafe, paid for by yourself 🤔 

Or something from Lidl 👍

'Training at Squires Gate is character building.'

What Terry should have said is, 'if it's good enough for Stanley Matthews, it's good enough for us'.