- Nice to hear we won't have suspensions for this game...

The Tangerines have won their last three games (all away) but were stuffed by Bristol Rovers 3 v 0 in their last home fixture... Four points ahead of us, just outside play-offs in 7th place - one of five teams on 28 points....

- It's going to be another tough match but we have nothing to fear if we play like we've been doing so. I don't feel like this is over-confidence or cockiness - I've seen the last four games and it's been incredible - even Scunthorpe away saw a very skillful second half.

Do blackpool still struggle at home? I remember our last game there, El Khayati brace, late free kick if I recall correctly... They hadn't won at home for ages.

Are their owners still nobs?

- Blackpool owner Owen Oyston has been ordered by the High Court to pay investor and shareholder Valeri Belokon £31.7 million to compensate for monies stripped from the football club following their promotion to the Premier League in 2010. The home fans (most of them) no longer attend games and are running a NAPM campaign - to ensure that not a penny more goes into Oyston’s coffers. Crowds are down from c 16,000 at their peak to around 1500 now although the attendance figure is usually inflated to cover the decline up. 

We last met them in their relegation season but since then they have bounced back from League 2 and have momentum this season in League 1, the turnaround having been instigated by Gary Bowyer, who made some remarkable and astute signings but left 1 game into this season. But his former Assistant Terry McPhillips is now carrying on the good work. 

It should be a good game between 2 improving teams and a point would be a good result this time. The only certainty will be it will be played in front of a tiny crowd.

- Hope their pitch has improved lately?

(It's even worse than wembley!) Lol

- Bloomfield road on Saturday 16-750 all seated stadium, Blackpool always think of the Mathews cup final,But wasn't so long a go the club were in the Premiership.Sadly once more with fans and owners at loggerheads the club left in turmoil .Doing better than expected no outstanding players of note,and a average gate of 3-694.

The ground was poor and more like beach football,With the East stand permanently closed and the place looking deserted with a biting cold north wind, not a place to look forward to. A real test of character ,for me a draw is a good result. For our fans a weekend of Blackpool illuminations,a to chance see the Brewers, visit a ground full of history,and enjoy the match being played on Sat.You always feel better when it is not a midweek game

-  Got to agree with you Bennyboy,while I have respect for Blackpool football club but not the owner I think the best part of Blackpool is the road out

- Nah, the place holds many special memories and continues to make happy ones to millions year on year. It's demise is through no fault of its own, over the years cheap flights to the continent and sunshine has seen guest houses reform into bedsits sadly.

- One of my favourite memories is my dad taking me to Bloomfield Road in about 1983. At lunch time on a Wednesday (?) we wandered into the ground and along to the halfway line. Dad said the ground was famous for looking like the two halves were different lengths (and they did from the halfway line).

Later, we stood on the Spion Kop in the rain and watched as they beat Northampton 2-1. Of course the ground has changed beyond all recognition but I was only about 12 and it was magical. As was getting back to the hotel and dry clothes!

3 words. The Tower Lounge

‍fucking hell, level headed fans!

‍Burton your new second favourite team  now? I've updated it with more comments.

seasider wrote:

‍Burton your new second favourite team  now? I've updated it with more comments.

‍No, they’re still little and shit.

‍Post Match

I got given some rock by the striking train drivers at the station.

- Our inconsistency between home and away is frustrating.

- Cloughy suggested in his pre match interview on radio ram that he would threaten the lads with a walk along the seafront if they didn't get anything from the game. 

Perhaps they fancied a donkey ride ? Or a kebab maybe..?

- Football. We lost. To Blackpool who are near the top. Never mind. I know commentators have to find something to talk about (I'd be rubbish at it, hats off to them) but it was like listening to the end of the world. 

- The Blackpool fan boycott is interesting. I'm not sure how they can sustain things in the long term. Good to see the heart of the club sticking together.

Our fans thought they were really clever singing an anti Oysten song for 30 seconds yet they don’t realise we’ve got the best there is. Literally we’re there in Blackpool who have the worst owners in the whole 92 it seems, we’ve got the very best owner in the 92 and people are moaning about Clough! Give me a break, people don’t know they’re born.

- Yeah but we have the quality to beat every team in this league. We started the season so badly though that we've had to lower our expectations, nobody has confidence anymore.

- Get out this club Nigel,nothing deserved but boo’s tonight