Awesome 👍

Think by Steed fixing that for Jezza just proves the advantage of having a dedicated Blackpool forum ran by Blackpool fans. You wouldn't get that type of support on any of the others 😉

In regards to Louise's comments about the posts per page, we have reviewed this and will continue to do so. However, if you look at other modern websites and forums, 3 posts per page is the norm. You can check any football forum such as Preston, Leicester, Villa, Everton, Liverpool, Newcastle, Man City to name but a few and they all have approximately 3 posts per page. This is the same for other media platforms such as Twitter so standards have significantly changed. I get the fact that people are used to AVFTT but it's from the dark ages and things moved on a long time ago. I would also counteract that AVFTT is easier to read. Perhaps it flows better because the posts are condensed but have you ever tried to read or post on a mobile or tablet? Not sure why this is ignored as more and more people now use mobile devices as opposed to laptops. The fact is we will never please everyone as people have different ways of reading content. We are just trying to provide the best overall package and I personally think nothing comes close to this. We just need more users to buy into what we are trying to achieve.

Like I say, we are constantly looking at ways to improve the forum and if an opportunity arises to make it more compact, we will do. However, the main focus at the moment is to enhance the user experience by introducing new functionality. Live Match Day Score is nearly complete and then the focus will turn to something else. There is still lots to do such as polls, articles, forum widgets on the right hand side, private chat/messages, etc. I think it will best re-assessing once we have the finished article as there will be less white space on the screen.

Not sure if they are called widgets - basically shit on the right hand side that would show forum information, poll results, etc.
Yeah - widgets.
Magic147 wrote:Widgets.

‍how rude 😜

We want boobs and widgets.