‍Hi, I am still looking for more participants for my study regarding football fans. I've spoken to a lot of fans in the last few months and have further interviews to schedule, which has been great, but I would still like to speak to more. If you would be interested, some information is below and please feel free to contact me to discuss further. Cheers, John. 

I am a PhD student at Loughborough University with a focus on football and its relationships with its fans and communities. My current area of study is looking into how acts of corruption within football can impact upon the relationships within a club’s fan base.

As a football fan myself I have been aware of the situation the fans of Blackpool are currently confronted with and the difficulty in gaining a speedy resolution. Blackpool are a unique case in the sense of the level of fan activism shown, such as NAPM, a step that no other English fan base has taken. I am particularly interested in the views of fans, who have been partaking in the NAPM/NAGM and additional protests, on the current ownership, governing body assistance, fan relationships and future direction of the club. I believe this is an important, and so far, neglected area of study that deserves further in-depth investigation given the popularity of football and the important, intense relationships that can form between fans and their clubs.  

To get your views I would be hoping to sit down with several fans in small groups to discuss their thoughts on the current issues regarding the football club and its fan base. Each group would have between 4-6 individuals (over the age of 18) and would take around 1 hour to complete. The benefits of assisting with this research, are that the views of ordinary fans can be heard within an academic context. This will allow the finished research to be widely shared and reviewed which could shed further light on the issues that are impacting football clubs and their fans, such as Blackpool’s, in the modern game. 

I will be in Blackpool between the 7th-9th December and would be delighted to meet those who wish to take part then. If you do wish to take part in this research, please contact me on the email below so that we can arrange a time and date. I will also be making repeat visits so if you wish to take part but are unavailable to do so on these dates please do get in contact to discuss different dates which would be more suitable. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to know more about the project before signing up or have any further comments, I would be happy to assist. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

Kind regards, 

John Hie