‍Few minutes ago in the garden looked up to see a low flying 747 heading towards MANSTON but airfield now not in operation rather like Blackpool, checked on flight radar and watched its route.

Took off earlier from Heathrow for Nairobi but now has circled Canterbury several times, reckon it has some sort of emergency and may be burning of fuel for a return to Heathrow, very unusual but only at height of 6,000 feet, it is a British Airways jumbo. 

Will keep on checking it out

‍Just circled once again at 6,400 feet 

‍And again. It is circling over us out towards Margate, back  south of Canterbury west to Ashford then north east to Whiststable.

Must be four or five times by now.

‍Can't see anything in the feeds about any emergencies just yet.

Sounds interesting! Hope all ok on board .

‍you guys could check it out yourselves on flightradar24.com 

the aircraft is BW65 NOW circulating around Hastings and into the channel at 8,000ft  might be dumping fuel in the channel.

Look for an aircraft in the Hasting area and click on until bw65 appears and the route it has taken since take off at Heathrow at 1123 hrs 

‍Heading towards London now over Croydon

‍Approaching Heathrow at 4,000 ft

On the ground but static near Southern Airside Road.

‍I wonder what sort of emergency it had?

‍Keeping an eye out on this whilst having a Nandos


"There isn’t an emergency, the aircraft has a minor technical issue and is returning to Heathrow purely as a precaution."

T‍hankfully all safe and sound

‍Back to the gardening.

‍Good spot though Whits


‍Not good for the environment dumping all that fuel in the English Channel. Safety first though.

seasider wrote:

‍Not good for the environment dumping all that fuel in the English Channel. Safety first though.

‍It evaporates before it hits the ground.

‍Learn something new every day